Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tamasha 2011: Global 3 Day Youth Art Event (Submit Please)

Tamasha seeks youth participants from all parts of the country to provide an opportunity to inter-mingle with each other and share thoughts through the medium of art.  Tamasha consists of 20+ competitions to let youth express their soul through all possible mediums.

Tamasha is a dream that became a thought, a thought that became an idea, and an idea that has now become reality.  It is an attempt to vitalize the lives of those who are the nation’s ultimate carriers and those who will make EVERYTHING possible one day. 
Tamasha is an awakening.

A learning atmosphere is provided by workshops and seminars. While spice of fun is added through social events.  

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Tamasha 2011 is an event being held January 28th -31st, 2011, FAST University in Islamabad Pakistan.  It is to provide all youth with a platform where they can express their thoughts through various mediums. The three-day event channels the enormous energy present in those who participate.  One has to have a vision so internally stimulating that it can take shape to a life of its own and be be set free to the external world.  


SUBMIT your written ideas on 'How to re-brand Pakistan practically"


Hira Zainab: General Secretary: Tamasha:

Haider Miraj : President Tamasha'11'


If you've not registered so far then what are you waiting for? 

Get yourself registered before it's too late! Some things are 

worth NOT missing and Tamasha, we assure you, is one of 

such gems.

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USA (New York), UK (London), Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore, 

Islamabad), Australia (Sydney), Canada (Toronto), Japan 

(Tokyo),  Bangladesh (Dhaka)

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We look forward to join hands with you all in Tamasha '11. 


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