Thursday, December 23, 2010

Peace From Susan Marie Public Relations

"Peace on Earth, that implies no violence, no starving children, no violent minds, no violent households, no violence, no frustration, no fear."

- John Lennon when asked in an interview if he had one wish for Christmas time what would that be? 
Rare interviews with Lennon, a genius, please listen and be grateful for what is around you and put by you, because others may be less fortunate and be happy.  
John speaks the truth:(click below)

As Lennon said: The thing we have in common is love and love equals peace. My Dad was a WWII Marine and everyone I know is involved in the madness of war in some fashion. This was my visit to Arlington. At the end of this, I tried, you know, as Lennon had, and maybe woke at least one mind.   (click below)
Happy Christmas, (and to ALL celebrations at this time) love one another, be nice, don't judge and most important, be good to your own self.



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