Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Joyce Wilson Nixon: In Flight (NY)

Joyce Wilson Nixon has come into her own with the release of her first CD, "In Flight." Recorded through Pharaoh Productions, Joyce's vocals soar on this compilation ranging from classic R&B, Blues, Funk, Rock and R&B crossover into pop.

"Come Fly" begins with smooth vocals and keys leading to, "Come fly with me / come to my arms / let me take you there / tonight . . ." This is recognition of self through another. Joyce displays wide vocal range alternating between throated melody to choir. The harmonies are angelic, with a repeated theme of: "Let me take you there." This is a mix of jazz, blues, pop and contemporary, meditative in nature.

"Envy" is back beat funk rock with strong musical roots. Joyce belts out "I was born with a twinkle in my eye / I always knew I was going to touch the sky / Nothing ventured and nothing gained / My confidence is my claim to fame." This tune IS Joyce Wilson Nixon. The lyrics correspond to her appearance and performance, as well as her confidence in herself as a performer and person.

Besides being one of Western New York's top notch entertainers, Joyce is also the CEO of NICYO (National Inner City Youth Opportunities), and a model and spokesperson for Ralph Lauren, Inc. Joyce has implemented strategic funding opportunities through the State of New York, with the aid of her staff, for programs such as: The Randy Smith, Jeff Nixon and Ted Washington Basketball Leagues, The Buffalo Wings Track Program, and The Crusaders Marching Units.

Joyce Wilson Nixon performs Internationally with award winning Taylor Made Jazz for the USO, as well as her own band, The Joyce Wilson Nixon Band (JWN), and consistently donates her time at local, national and global events such as: The Rick James Annual Memorial Concert, The Historic Colored Musicians Club, The M&T Plaza Concert Series, The Queen City Jazz Festival, Students Against Violence, Buffalo Bills Alumni Fundraising, The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame and Artists United For Human Rights.

In addition to her numerous and ongoing accomplishments, the only way to experience Joyce Wilson Nixon is through live performance. Joyce has the innate ability to pick the crowd up, bring them into her embrace, touch every single spirit, completely energize and reverse the mood in a single second and put a show on like no other entertainer I have witnessed.

Joyce Wilson Nixon is In Flight and this CD is just a portion of the talented, devoted business entrepreneur and woman. "In Flight" can be purchased at Cd Baby or through Joyce HERE.

Joyce Wilson Nixon is ready to take off again so grab this CD now. Live performance is a must, you will never forget it. Joyce (including members of her band, JWN) have just been nominated for Best Blues Female Vocalist and Best New Band for The Buffalo Music Awards Nov 2009.

Crowds gather when Joyce sings along with the expansive seasoned musicians behind her. She is a gift to the music industry, Western New York and the world through her devotion to helping others and initiating music to entertain, uplift and produce positivity in a world that is in desperate need of change.

© Susan Marie
New York USA 2009

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