Thursday, September 24, 2009

One Hour With Ben Fong - Torres: Rolling Stone

9/24/09 One Hour With Ben Fong - Torres (Rock journalist, author, broadcaster, best known for his association with Rolling Stone Magazine (through 1981) and The San Francisco Chronicle (from about 1982.)

Ben speaks of his new book, "The Grateful Dead Scrapbook", currently in stores, publishing and broadcasting fields, his first assignment with Joni Mitchell, challenges in the current field of media, and advice for aspiring journalists. Ben allowed me to broadcast several personal interviews with Jerry Garcia and Jim Morrison. Ben was the last American based journalist Morrison spoke with before Jim's death in 1971.

Ben Fong - Torres can be heard on KYA Radio, check out his columns at The Red Room - Asian Connections , and his radio column at The San Francisco Chronicle.

Archived clips by Ben Fong Torres included in this interview:
Jerry Garcia (The Grateful Dead)
Jim Morrison (The Doors)

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