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Oct 4, 2009, Buffalo Naval Park & Pearl Street Grill

Join The Buffalo and Erie County Naval Park, along with Pearl Street Grill & Brewery as they sponsor and celebrate "Artists United for Human Rights" on October 4, 2009, aboard the USS Little Rock. A free festival open to the public.

12n-7pm Sunday, this festival features non-stop live music, local artists and business selling their wares, and directors of task forces and organizations that support human rights focusing on education, awareness and prevention of child abuse and trafficking. This all day event is to support: The Citizens Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect Erie County (CTFCAN), Prevent Child Abuse NY and Maiti Nepal for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October. The event is a gathering of local artisans, musician and organizations to cause awareness and support The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Musicians: Noa Bursie, Emile Latimer, Lance Diamond, The BloodThirsty Vegans, Joni Russ, Van Taylor Project (AFE-USO), Rob Falgiano, Gruvology, Derek McKeith (NYC), Joyce Wilson Nixon Band, Free Henry!, Lenny Revell, Buffalo Select Chorus, and Sons of the King.

Artists & Installations: Artfully Aware (International), Nomad Magazine Community Painting Project (local), and Poet Tree Magazine (International.) There will be 15-20 different artists and business donating 20% of all sales to both organizations. A silent auction will be held featuring Buffalo's finest restaurants, golf courses, jewelry, artwork and musicians.

"Buffalo musicians and artists are proving to be strong advocates for children," said Christine Deyss, executive director of Prevent Child Abuse New York. "With our colleagues from the Citizen's Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect, we are tremendously excited and grateful for their coming together to help prevent child abuse and victimization."

Ms. Anuradha Koirala, founder and director of Maiti Nepal added, ""They [women and children] are working to help their sisters and they know the horror of the victims." "Society rejects me and my girls, but they are the most important thing in my life."

The Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park, is a museum on the shore of Lake Erie. It is home to several decommissioned US Naval vessels, including the Cleveland-class cruiser USS Little Rock, the Fletcher-class destroyer USS The Sullivans, and the submarine USS Croaker. All three are open to the public for free self guided tours at this event only.

The park is located near the HSBC Arena in downtown Buffalo. The Naval & Military Park is located very close to downtown Buffalo, on Buffalo Place at the foot of Pearl and Main streets, across from HSBC Arena. You can take any transportation to visit the park. One Naval Park Cove • Buffalo, NY 14202 • (716) 847-1773.

Pearl Street Grill was born in the Erie Canal District, is one of Buffalo's finest restaurants, with a full micro brewery on premises. Located at 76 Pearl Street, the building is home to 7 historically distinct spaces, a virtual game room, 3 outdoor patios, 4 floors, an art gallery and a cellar bar gallery. The menu is diverse ranging from chicken wings to portabello mushroom ravioli. Pearl Street Grill: 76 Pearl Street Buffalo NY 14202 716-856-2336.

Come on down to the marina for a day of family related events, artisans selling their wares and live music all day long with Pearl Street Grill aboard to feed you. Support our local artists, musicians and organizations while supporting two organizations essential to the well being and lives of women and children.

For more information: Susan Marie.

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