Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Noa Bursie: Familiar Addiction (NY)

In 2008, Noa Bursie recorded her 2nd CD, "Familiar Addiction", at Audio Magic Studios in Buffalo, New York. Vocalist, lyricist, guitarist, and testimony defining true art, Bursie melds all genres of music on this 13 track CD.

"Familiar Addiction" features a cavalcade of fine musicians: Jerry Livingston, John Bacon, Jr, Wendell Rivera, Ron LoCurto, Frank Grizanti, Emile Latimer, Mary Ramsey, Paul Kneis, Ken Kaufmann, Jim Whitford, Kevin Hall, Jim Bohm and Sparky (the Tibetan Monk chant on the track, "Familiar Addiction.")

"Faith Fiction", showcases Noa's gift as a lyricist within the chorus: "Grace and favor, faith and fiction, it all comes down to mercy. Mercy, mercy . . . .sweet mercy. Grant me the will to believe. Unlock this prison let me feel the faith of my fathers and . . . I will fall down on my knees, speak to me in the language of redemption, I shall be free."

"Letting go now . . . made up my mind", finds Bursie, beautifully haunting vocals, embracing the past while standing in the present. "Weightless" is one of those tunes you drive to and play over again.

"Altitudes" is a masterpiece. The guitars, all around, are impeccable, beyond perfection, as well as Noa's vocals. "Falling, falling, falling, you'd think we'd understand our plight. We're all just fools in flight, steady losing altitude, and not saving another soul in sight, but were flying still." "Altitudes" has that bluesy, brassy flavor of Hendrix and Joplin.

This album is spirit. It is passion, intellect, hurt, pain, growth, tears, smiles, and above all, the finest collaborations recorded in a long time. Noa can be reached at: MySpace and Her Website.

Bursie writes: "Each one [musician] inspired me to "rise the bar" for myself. What you hear is the sheer magic of these magnificent individuals giving their all in what was for us, and I hope will be for you, a truly spiritual experience." "Familiar Addiction" is "the result of creative energy at its peak and it is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and the passion that drives it."

© Susan Marie
New York USA 2009

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