Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Buffalo Select Chorus: Babeville: June 3, 2009

On June 3, 2009 7:30pm at Asbury Hall (Babeville), 341 Delaware Ave Buffalo, NY, Buffalo Select Chorus will host its 4th annual concert with a recording of their new CD. This is FREE and open to the public with a reception to follow.

Directed by Linda Appleby, Buffalo Select Chorus has been performing since 2005 for diverse Western New York audiences. The Chorus consists of Buffalo Public School students specializing in: gospel, jazz, classical, blues, baroque, chamber music and contemporary.

Linda Appleby, awarded "Linda Appleby Day" by City of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown at the 2008 performance, is immensely dedicated to her students. Her vision began as having a dynamic chorus of students from all of the Buffalo Public High Schools to perform a mixed repertoire of music to provide professional recordings for the students college applications. She has gone far and beyond that vision with 4 CD's produced as of 2009. Linda has given the students opportunity to expand their vocal skills with certified music teachers and professional musicians.

This years special guest is Joseph Wooten, "The Hands of Soul." Wooten is the fourth brother of the quintet "The Wooten Brothers". He began organ at six and grew up playing music and opening for the likes of Curtis Mayfield, War and Stephanie Mills. Currently he tours with The Steve Miller Band, and his brother Victor Wooten.

Buffalo Select Chorus can be heard rehearsing at Babeville HERE: and HERE also, The 2008 International Youth For Human Rights Awards Ceremony HERE.

To contact Linda Appleby and purchase their music click HERE. Attend their 4th Annual Concert at Asbury Hall on June 3rd to witness the talent of our High School students. This is FREE and open to the public. Buffalo Select Chorus are undoubtedly, the most gifted teenagers I have come across.

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New York USA

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