Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beyond Ghosts, Greater WNY Paranormal Society, PIT at Cazenovia Library December 14th


Join Beyond Ghosts on December 14, 2013, as they host the first ever public paranormal exploration of the Cazenovia Public Library and Resource Center in South Buffalo. This is part of the city richly steeped in tradition; the land on which Caz Library is situated has seen its fair share of history over the last 150 years or so. 

Claims of reported paranormal activity at this location include the presence of shadow people, anomalous sounds and voices, and the sensation of being watched. 

Adding to the overall experience for the evening, they will be joined by guest investigators from the Greater Western New York Paranormal Society, as well as the PIT Society, who will be helping to lead the investigation from start to finish.

Come spend time investigating with some of the most passionate people in the field of paranormal research. There are only a limited number of tickets available and two distinct choices for the evening. 

Arrive early at 7pm and watch the episode of "Behind the Shadows" with the cast and crew that was filmed on location at the library. This is a VIP package that includes a ghost hunt of the building. 

This event is in support of the upkeep of the building itself. 

The Cazenovia Community Resource Center [Caz Library] is located at 155 Cazenovia Street, Buffalo NY 14210. 

The initial private investigation can be seen featured on WGRZ NBC Channel 2 Buffalo with the crew of the Greater Western New York Paranormal Society. This investigation I were invited to and it was one of the most interesting experiences of my life. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Cameron and Ashley that evening, who will be there with you on the 14th. 

See below.

This event on the 14th is a dedication to science, the unknown, the library itself and for the public to be a part of the entire process.

For tickets: --> Beyond Ghosts

Your Hosts:  


 © Greater Western New York Paranormal Society

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Let Your Soul Shine

The last few days were trying. After all, I am only human. 

Only human. Now there is an interesting definition. 

Being "human" [according to Merriam-Webster] means "a human being, a person as distinguished from an animal or an alien. Susceptible to or representative of the sympathies and frailties of human nature."  

In our world, being "human" has taken on an entirely different meaning.

All ranges of emotion from love to happiness to sadness to frustration to anger to darkness to bliss are experienced by humans. Somewhere along the lines, the term "human" has been associated with being "perfect."  Perfect attitude, hair, skin, nails, clothes, body, education, family, career, skills, life, travel, adventure, love, and pretty much everything that most humans definitely are not.

Many times in life we over think. Our minds are powerful tools, ones we have yet to fully study and understand. Some days you may feel perfectly in tune with all of your choices and surroundings only to be feeling outcast, outspoken, rude, pitiful and eventually, self-deprecating. I know I am not the only one who goes through this. If you don't, then you are lying, or quite possibly, not "human."

Although such phases do not last long, for me, thankfully, they are unsettling because when you over think, you disallow your instinct to be in control, you tend to become off balance that spirals your rational thought along with your own energy, into massive loops of confusion. You may not be confusing to others, or maybe you are, I can only speak for myself, however, the most important aspect of being off balance is in regards to how you feel about yourself. 

I found myself reacting to things I normally ignore and getting upset over menial things. This is typically not the "me" of today so I began to search: 

"Why do I feel this way? What caused me to start thinking like this? Why am I feeling out of control?" 

Ask yourself, you have all of your answers. 

The beautiful aspect of existence and having people put by us for various reasons is that during such times, often without saying a word, some without ever meeting me, sensed that something clearly was "not right" simply by reading deeper into my words, my energy, my response and my actions. Several people took the time to find out why I did not feel okay. 

As human beings we all wish to be acknowledged, loved and recognized and that is not an egotistical thing, it is a basic need. These extremely special people did just that. They acknowledged my emotions, what I was feeling, and allowed me to talk through them in order for me, not them, to figure out why I was feeling out of balance. 

Rational and healthy communication is crucial. 

It absolutely infuriates me [there I go being "human" again] when there is improper communication because this starts a chain reaction of misunderstanding that leads to "what if" negative self talk and thinking. In turn, eventually, a guilt ridden, self-loathing [for those of us who are "human'] after effect. This is absolutely foolish when you think about it.

[Think for a moment, really, this is not meant to be deep.]

What I learned from being allowed to be myself without judgment is that I needed to look inside of me and not blame another person for the way I were feeling. After all, it is my own fault for feeling as I do no matter what another said to me, how one treated me, or the actions of another human being towards me. I am in control of myself and am responsible and accountable for my behavior. 

I asked myself: 

"Why do you feel this way? What caused you to start thinking like this? Why do you feel out of control?" 

And guess what? I answered me.


Yet, without the guidance of those who are reading this and reached out in various ways to acknowledge me, as a fellow human being, I may not have arrived quickly to a conclusion. I may have ridiculously crucified myself a few more days for no apparent reason other than I chose to. 

Yet something amazing occurred after talking with others.

I were sitting on my couch watching a movie with my son, William, he is 14 years old and I looked at him, I mean I really looked at who he is and I asked him to please give me a hug. The smile on his face was so wide that I began to smile too. He gladly and lovingly hugged me with all of his might and we did not let go, not just yet. I told him that without him in my life that my life would be horrible and I mean that, wholeheartedly. 

Hugging my son was touching the divine. 

You see, children are insightful and full of unconditional love that we tend to lose as we grow older. In my child, I felt bright, magnificent light that illuminated me, and I wondered did he also feel that from me? 

At that moment, I realized my entire purpose, regardless of what interests me, what my career is or is not, and who is or is not in my life. 

What mattered and does matter was right there with my son. In seconds, every single confusing thought disappeared. 

That is the beauty of love. The divine essence of existence. 

The fact that we are placed here for various reasons and most times, they are quite simple. We make them complicated. 

I realized how blessed I were then, although I have always been aware, yet sometimes we forget in the busy-ness of life. Then everything around me was a gift, the sunshine, nature, my home, my work, my friends, my family, the fact that my limbs work and that I have the means to utilize technology to talk to all of you right now. 

For today [and every day] I suggest something extremely simple. Do this right now. Look around you and find your divine. It exists. You just may have your eyes closed at the moment. 

So, take the time to work through whatever you are dealing with, just don't stay there. 

And always, simply, be human. 

                         2013 ChalkFest Buffalo                                

 2014 my niece Delaney, 
and my son, William


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Greater Western New York Paranormal Society at Cazenovia Library

First published:

The Greater Western New York Paranormal Society is a Regional Paranormal Investigation team based out of Buffalo NY.  They investigate paranormal activity and broadcast the findings on their show, "Behind the Shadows."

CEO and Founder, Daniel Klaes, asked if I wished to witness a paranormal investigation at Cazenovia Library in my neighborhood of South Buffalo, New York. 
I, of course, said yes. 

The entire area on and surrounding Cazenovia Park to Buffum Street is well known for extremely intense spiritual and paranormal activity. On Buffum Street, off of Seneca Street, there lies the original burial ground of Sagoyewatha [Red Jacket] - a Native American Seneca Indian Chief. 

Cazenovia Library [as I will always refer to it] is the only independent library in Buffalo and was closed due to funding cuts, yet remains open as a resource center and library. Thanks to Mickey Kearns and Ronni, who runs it as a volunteer, this library that I have been visiting since a child is open regardless of the cuts. 
Daniel Klaes decided to come to Caz Library due to two things: The various stories he heard related to paranormal activity around the area, as well as the library itself, and to support Ronni and her endeavors in keeping this library open. 

Having never been a part of an investigation such as this, it was extremely interesting, eerie, and exciting to see the team at work setting up equipment, testing technology, and making sure that what they were recording, experiencing, feeling, hearing, and seeing, was indeed paranormal. They started setting up as early as 5pm and worked well after 11 pm. 

Below is the video edition recorded from the findings at Cazenovia Library on 
"Behind the Shadows" 

Please support Cazenovia Library and the Paranormal Society as they are both not profit and simply do what they do because they enjoy it and are driven to do so. 

Cazenovia Community Resource Center is dedicated to increasing the literacy, education, and overall standard of living for the residents of South Buffalo. Thanks to the efforts of former City of Buffalo Common Councilman Michael P. Kearns, WNY AmeriCorps, and a generous grant from the Margaret L. Wendt foundation, the former Cazenovia Library is a not-for-profit community center located in Cazenovia Park in South Buffalo. Residents have access to library services, hi-speed computers, free wi-fi, fax and copy service, GED and computer classes, meeting room space, and more. 
Open Tuesday - Friday Noon - 5pm -155 Cazenovia St. -Buffalo, NY 14210 -716-821-0564

The Greater Western New York Paranormal Society is a non profit organization that is dedicated to finding scientific evidence of what is currently unexplained phenomenon. We believe that what is referred to as "Paranormal or Supernatural" things will someday be explained through the natural laws of science.

 I shall allow you to decide for yourself, as for me, I was there . . . 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

One Hour With Amreen Naqash : Kashmir

First Published

One Hour With Amreen Naqash : Kashmir | Woman Tribe

                                                           © Majid Pandit

For the first time, Amreen Naqash of Indian Occupied Kashmir, a poet, writer and activist, spoke her work on air through Creative Writing workshops held in Buffalo, New York.

In Chicago, Ruthann Amarteifio, radio host and activist, decided to focus on the outcome of the virtual workshops, that turned global, by speaking to myself and Amreen Naqash.

© Amreen Naqash

The interview below is one direct result of the proper utilization of technology to cross borders, create, produce and connect all of us, together, in a positive fashion:

 Amreen Naqash is currently a student of Pharmacy at The University of Kashmir. She is adamant about advocating her beloved country through writing and poetry. She is young in age, yet sees this world with eyes that have lived a thousand lives. 

In her poem, “My Name Is Kashmir”, her delicate speech nearly causes you to put aside for a moment the constant atrocities that occur in her nation as she welcomes the soul right into her arms through her speech.

You can listen to that poem here:  My Name Is Kashmir 

Amreen’s work can be seen here: Amreen Naqash and she is on twitter at Virtuous Paradise

Amreen Naqash writing
© Amreen Naqash

Kashmir, a northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent is a disputed territory.  It is claimed by India and Pakistan, as well as China.  Kashmir includes Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan administers Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir.  China administers Aksai Chin and the Trans-Karakoram Tract.  

The Treaty of Amritsar 1846, was in place due to the purchase of Kashmir by Britain from then Sikhs ruler, Ranjit Singh which annexed Kashmir. Gulab Singh became the new rulers, under British Crown until 1947.  

Gulab Singh on behalf of Jammu and Kashmir people signed a treaty with India.  India accepted this treaty from Kashmir until a time when the will of the people could be recognized because Kashmir was disputed territory.

Beautifull view of Jammu & Kashmir | Woman Tribe                               

“Day will come when hope will breathe, emancipated from the oppression, and will soothe the peace in my vale, Kashmir.”

– Amreen Naqash