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One Hour With Amreen Naqash : Kashmir

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One Hour With Amreen Naqash : Kashmir | Woman Tribe

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For the first time, Amreen Naqash of Indian Occupied Kashmir, a poet, writer and activist, spoke her work on air through Creative Writing workshops held in Buffalo, New York.

In Chicago, Ruthann Amarteifio, radio host and activist, decided to focus on the outcome of the virtual workshops, that turned global, by speaking to myself and Amreen Naqash.

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The interview below is one direct result of the proper utilization of technology to cross borders, create, produce and connect all of us, together, in a positive fashion:

 Amreen Naqash is currently a student of Pharmacy at The University of Kashmir. She is adamant about advocating her beloved country through writing and poetry. She is young in age, yet sees this world with eyes that have lived a thousand lives. 

In her poem, “My Name Is Kashmir”, her delicate speech nearly causes you to put aside for a moment the constant atrocities that occur in her nation as she welcomes the soul right into her arms through her speech.

You can listen to that poem here:  My Name Is Kashmir 

Amreen’s work can be seen here: Amreen Naqash and she is on twitter at Virtuous Paradise

Amreen Naqash writing
© Amreen Naqash

Kashmir, a northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent is a disputed territory.  It is claimed by India and Pakistan, as well as China.  Kashmir includes Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan administers Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir.  China administers Aksai Chin and the Trans-Karakoram Tract.  

The Treaty of Amritsar 1846, was in place due to the purchase of Kashmir by Britain from then Sikhs ruler, Ranjit Singh which annexed Kashmir. Gulab Singh became the new rulers, under British Crown until 1947.  

Gulab Singh on behalf of Jammu and Kashmir people signed a treaty with India.  India accepted this treaty from Kashmir until a time when the will of the people could be recognized because Kashmir was disputed territory.

Beautifull view of Jammu & Kashmir | Woman Tribe                               

“Day will come when hope will breathe, emancipated from the oppression, and will soothe the peace in my vale, Kashmir.”

– Amreen Naqash

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