Thursday, May 14, 2020

#35 The Human Condition with Susan Marie (Part III: COVID+, Day 20)

Episode #35 is Part III, please listen to Episode #33 & 34:

Part I: Susan-marie – 33-the-human-condition-with-susan-marie-covid-moderate-101-yeah-this-is-me

Part II: Susan-marie – 34-the-human-condition-with-susan-marie-part-ii-covid-moderate-101-day-10

Part III:

This is my ongoing experience with Moderate COVID-19 and this podcast includes rational data, my personal experience, advice, unusual symptoms, aseptic technique, differences between COVID testing/Antibody testing/Convalescent Plasma, how Micro droplets suspend in air and helpful things for all of us to keep us healthy. This is the last podcast I am doing on my personal experience. Thankfully, I recovered. Not everyone is so lucky.

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Cytokine Storms:…-some-covid-deaths

Blood Clotting:…nts-idUSKCN22421Z…ung-patients/

Effects on the Brain:…-do-to-your-brain/

Mental Health:

Micro droplets suspending in air video:

CDC Mask Info:…face-coverings.html

Aseptic Technique:


Susan Marie

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