Friday, September 13, 2019

#22 The Human Condition with Susan Marie (What is an Empath? (Meaning, Self-Care & Self-Test)

The Human Condition is a weekly 10-12 minute audio series featuring me, you and a conversation about everyday experiences, made simple.

The human condition is defined as "the characteristics, key events, and situations which compose the essentials of human existence, such as birth, growth, emotionality, aspiration, conflict, and mortality".

Episode #22 covers what an empath is, the differences between empathy, sympathy, understanding the empath, understanding if you are an empath, emotional intelligence, compassion fatigue, and ways to ground, center and protect your energy and emotions to avoid compassion fatigue in order to utilize your sensitivity for an ultimate purpose.


17 Survival Tips For Empaths And Highly Sensitive People

AEA Coping Tips for Empaths
17 types of Empaths recognized by the AEA

Empaths Guide to Shielding and Energy by Doreen Virtue

Dr. Judith Orloff’s Protection Strategies for Empaths 

What Is an Empath? by the AEA

Chopra Center Free 21 Day Meditation


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