Tuesday, December 19, 2017


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for this exact moment of existence
i disassociate myself
from humanity

this time
right now
i am unable to fathom
the hoops
human beings
jump through
to cause madness

in anothers life

the Earth is dying
people are starving
beaten, battered
then murdered


Utopia is not so bad, not really
complete absence
of natural sunlight
genetically harvested food
domed cities and Big Brother
reincarnated as a new prophet

(the polar bear is not so damned)

i disassociate myself
from humans
although i am just that
i am unable to identify
with this new breed
of hatred

i simply wish to finish my own existence
in an absinthe fog
or pill induced slumber

maybe a fall down a rabbit hole
is not so insane
and insanity is not as crazy as perceived

maybe Alice was a lesson
maybe I need a new pill
to cause me to speak differently
for it seems my voice
no longer reaches
anyone speaking
any "known" language

maybe the polar bear might understand me
as we roam together
both barefoot
clad in fur
thirsting for a new land
pads of feet drying
beneath a poisoned sun

maybe he has secrets to tell me
and i shall ride bareback
seeking solace in wilderness
upon such majestic beast

where there is no speech

only silence

Words & Photography © Susan Marie

© Susan Marie
I found this in the dirt like this, the irony . . .

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