Friday, October 20, 2017

Join My Goodreads Giveaway For My 2017 Book "Shahada"

This book is available now in print @ $11.95 
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I am thrilled to announce my second book of poetry published on August 31. 2017, titled, Shahada
Shahada is a noun meaning, To observe, witness, testify. 
This is a volume of pure stream of consciousness, poetry derived from years of talking with the world, myself, the human condition, based upon existentialism, raw sexuality, passion, the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine, Mother Earth, Father Sky, wind, water, wood, metal and fire. 
The art of survival in a time of dying.

These words are a result of years of paying attention to my intuition, to absolute stream of consciousness, to being alive, aware, mindful and grateful for all that is.

Please support me in gifting another words from a most open and grateful heart.

I promise you will NOT be disappointed. 

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