Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Shamanic Journey

I have taken numerous loving, guided shamanic journeys, recently a most dear journey via the Well of Light. I released past trauma, recognized my ancestry, the light and dark within self and universe. Your experience will be different than my own. 

This journey is available for free online --> HERE

We all want to live a meaningful and purposeful life, but we get stuck in sabotaging patterns from our past. To overcome these patterns and fully express our authentic gifts, strengths and talents, we must connect with our ancient cellular memory to create new physical, emotional and mental patterns. 

Our dear friend Michael Stone is launching a new 7-week Live Online Course to help you shift your mind, body and emotions to be in harmony with nature and the limitless potential of the universe.  

It’s called -->  Embodied Shamanism: Shapeshifting Into Living a Life You Love
uring the journey of this 7-week course, you will: 

  • Become the author of your own life rather than being a victim of your history 
  •  Transform doubts and limiting beliefs into portals of healing for self and others  
  • Learn to live a complaint free life and embrace the miracle of being alive 
  • Turn problems, limits and barriers into opportunities for transformation 
  • Embody the intelligence of nature and tap into our ancestral wisdom bank 
  • Utilize the sacred power of direct revelation to tap into the limitless potential of the universe

This highly-interactive course is based on the deep work that Michael has been engaged with for the past 40+ years and includes 7 powerful live course sessions, weekly course materials, live Q&A sessions, pre-recorded and musically mixed guided meditation / journey recordings, a private, custom course website and a private, interactive Facebook page where you can work with your community of support.

I suggest taking part in order to progress and meet some of the most beautiful souls creating a better existence for us all through essential work such as facing self, the environment in which need to thrive and survive, and acknowledging our own ancestries and traditions. These are simple, everyday things anyone can do in order to bring more peace to this world, especially to self.

Please find out more on the -->  Course Information Page

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