Wednesday, December 2, 2015


i want to hold your hand
introduce you
to the sunrise
as we watch
the Earth awaken
for us both,
the hues of heaven
a palette,
an artist’s canvas,
like birth.

i want to see your face light up
discovering wonder
on trails and peaks,
on craggy hills, in forests
in the majestic bark
of an old oak tree,
wavering in the breeze
the leaves rustling,
like music,

i want to tell you
to stand beneath a waterfall,
and witness your rebirth
by Mother Nature herself.

i want to drive with you
on seaways and trails,
and find meadows
untouched by the hand of man,
and lay down deep
in leaves of grass
both of us
saying nothing at all,

one day,
we will experience
one another,
in all our majestic glories
side by side.

one day,
i simply wish
to see your smile,
the corners of your mouth rise,
as your eyes
show spirit
to me.

one day,
i will hear you bellow with laughter,
deep from your abdomen
at the silliest things,
as we are drenched in rainfall.
running for cover
from this mad, mad world,
beneath starshine
and constellations,
the entire universe
lit up,
for us,

one day,
we will awaken
to the hues of heaven,
a palette,
an artist’s canvas,
and this most holy Earth
shall kiss us,

one day.

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