Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lightyears of Letters

Mitch Burns, a poet and writer from Michigan, listened to my poem "let me love you" and read my article "Leave the Pages Bloody" and sent me these messages:

CREDIT: Susan Marie, for all of the words before i say "I wrote back to her." This poem was COMPLETELY inspired by her poem "Let me love you" and my words are an extension of it.
After reading your words in "Leave the pages bloody" i became very inspired to get something out today and then i read your poem "Let me love you" and i had the line "I'll ask the Nebulas to wait until the morning" stuck in my head so i just went for it."

I am so honored and humbled, I mean this is the highest form of respect any artist can hope for: to inspire another to create from their own creation. 

Please listen below and check out +Poetlike Poe on Soundcloud

Thank you Mitch! Keep writing and inspiring others! You are one fine writer.

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