Thursday, October 30, 2014

Late Autumn, Western New York

The other day, we were blessed with fantastic, beautiful weather. I watched the trees, as they lost their leaves, blanketing the grass as the wind whipped wildly. 

I thought to myself: This moment is not going to last. 

I went outside and on my back, lay down upon the grass beneath the trees and watched the leaves fall onto and all around me. 

It was wondrous. 

This is Mother Nature, this is the universe, 
speaking, to me. 

I made two videos from this and took a few shots:

1st video features John Ward  performing 
"Sealliadh [The Seer]" 

2nd video features Tom Callahan, performing "Long Black Veil" from his CD "Irish American." 


Please check out the artists work on the linked websites. 

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Always something interesting going on there. 



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