Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Greater Western New York Paranormal Society at Cazenovia Library

I adore experiencing everything in life, and Sunday night was the coolest and strangest experience I ever had. 
I were invited to a paranormal investigation with the Greater WNY Paranormal Society in support of Cazenovia Community Resource Center, the only independent library in Buffalo, one I wholeheartedly support and have been attending since childhood. 
The library and surrounding areas have repeated and unexplained instances along with Buffum Street/Red Jackets burial ground nearby. 
This is the team at work on another location: 

Stay tuned for more from myself and Greater Western New York Paranormal Society, extremely interesting when science meets spirituality. 
Be on the lookout for their next episode, highlighting what we all found and check out both pages that are linked above.
*The Greater Western New York Paranormal Society is a non profit organization that is dedicated to finding scientific evidence of what is currently unexplained phenomenon. They believe that what is referred to as "Paranormal or Supernatural" things will someday be explained through the natural laws of science.
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