Thursday, July 18, 2013

every waking thought

every waking thought
is the flight of a monarch
before each bud that blooms 

she gathers
from both hemispheres
left and right,
like her wings
birthed twins,
where every waking thought
- as a first breath
- and the last gasp

where dreams become life
beneath the cloak of midnight
gaining momentum
churning vortexes
of hurricanes

such raw passion

never simple

a thought
is the genesis of energy

the subconscious of the artist, insane,
writing words such as this
solely to prevent the skull
from bursting,
spewing bits of memories
and rivers of tears, endless
that never run dry

a place where angels reside
sitting upon clouds
of sentences

the most holy poets -

sending telegraphs
to the chosen. 

© Susan Marie 2013