Sunday, June 2, 2013

Creative Writing I, II & III Workshops with Susan Marie [Buffalo & Virtual]

You only need to bring your imagination. This is not your typical creative writing workshop. This is all about the creative process as a whole, reaching into yourself, finding what is in there, and bringing that out to the world. 

All 3 workshops are virtual [live & recorded due to timezone] and in Buffalo, NY at Main Studios --> You can take two workshops, one, or all three. Whatever workshop speaks to you. 


Buffalo Workshop: $25 per workshop, discounted price for all 3:

Virtual Workshop : $15 for all 3 workshops, info here : and then I will need your email address after sign up there to give you virtual access. I can only allow up to 90 attendees each virtual workshop.


I:  June 26th, 6-8/9PM : Creative Writing I : Intro: Breaking Creative Writing Barriers also with guest speaker Jim Petretta on Storytelling

Jim will talk about a few things he learned about storytelling from his mentor, Prof. Max Westler, St. Mary's College, South Bend (Sister to Notre Dame), read a short excerpt from his book, hold a Q/A session, and offer the Kindle versions of his book for any interested persons -->

II. July 31, 6-8/9PM : Creative Writing II: Expanding on the Creative Process also with guest speaker Ken Feltges, writer in residence, Mount St, Mary's. [educator and performance artist -->

Ken will center his presentation on the poetry of everyday life, how the ordinary can become extraordinary when viewed through a poetic lens. To illustrate this, he will read selected poems from his book, "BEFORE THINGS CHANGE" and have a Q/A session after. Ken will also have his book and CD for sale, which I definitely suggest getting. If you have never had the pleasure [or even if you have] hearing Ken perform, this is the time.

III. August 21st, 6-8/9PM: Creative Writing III: Reading & Recording Your Work and Publishing Tips/Suggestions also with guest speaker Janna Willoughby-Lohr aka MC Vendetta, performance artist, musician, educator --> and

Janna will be speaking about the art of delivery, emphasizing on diction, clarity and inflection, mainly getting to the meat of the poem/work and slicing it open on stage. Janna has been writing poetry since she was 5, and performing since age 12. Janna is a Grand Slam finalist 2005-2008 Nickel City Poetry Slam and member of the 2006 Nickel City Slam team at the National Poetry Slam. She is also an editor and layout artist for Earth's Daughters literary magazine, the longest running women's publication in the country. 


There are countless free things for all attending to be listed. You will end [if you wish] with a spoken publishing credit, recorded, archived and promoted by me. If you attend the last workshop only, please be prepared to have a piece to [perform, read, sing?] then record. I will assign during June & July to prepare for August. Your final recording is 100% up to you. Virtual attendees will need to record this and send me the mp3 or wav file.


1. Jim Petretta :

2. Perry Nicholas:

3. Jennifer Campbell :

4. Randy Rumley:

5. Loren Keller:

6. Ken Feltges:

7. Just Buffalo Literary Center/Barbara Cole:

8. Poets & Writers.Org:

9. Theresa Wyatt:

10. Big Marker :

11. Susan Marie [my ebook/book of poetry/prose "knots']

12. Janna Willoughby-Lohr aka MC Vendetta. and

13. Think Twice Radio: Recording/Editing/Archiving of Spoken Word :

14. Hany Ghoraba/Delizon Publishers :

15. Publish America:

16. MAIN(ST)UDIOS :[Erica Eichelkraut-Zilbauer]

17. Delizon Publishers:

18. Ken Fried :  


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