Saturday, March 2, 2013

Quietly, dying

"The world is a prison for the believer .  .  . " - pbuh

There are times
i awake
and the day
she greets me

In all her wondrous glory

And i am grateful
for solitary breath
for limbs
that work perfectly
for the sun
when she shines
rain as it falls
and for birds, 

endlessly trilling
outside my window

And there are times
when i simply wish
to close my eyes
to sleep eternal

A most peaceful rest,
one of absolute divinity
where i need not think,
eat, nor breathe

An existence
where i am truly one
with all of creation

Where I am more than energy
more than the speed of light
stronger than the sun
and the stars

as they shine their weary smiles
upon me now.


I wish to be the Great Frontier
its grasslands plenty
horses, wild, free
trees, untouched by man

My spirit,
the heartbeat
of wild buffalo

This place exists
in my heart
and I am
a sentient being




© Susan Marie 2013 

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