Sunday, August 28, 2011

100 Thousand Poets For Change: A Global Movement

500 Events – 400 cities – 95 countries

What kind of CHANGE are we talking about?

  • To create, perform, educate and demonstrate, simultaneously.
  • Global solidarity.
  • Political/social change.
  • Transformation towards a more sustainable world.
  • To move forward and stop moving backwards.

Global events HERE
Global Posters HERE

Do you want to join your voice across the planet in a demonstration/celebration of poetry to promote effective social, environmental, and political change? 

100 THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE is a global event on September 24, 2011

To participate or organize your own event, sign up on Facebook or contact 100 Thousand Poets for Change at

Don't just say: Be a part of the change. 
Get out there and BE the change.  

Organized by:

Michael Rothenberg: 

Terri Carrion: 
Associate Editor, Visual Designer Big Bridge Press and zine

Susan Marie 

Write, Speak, Create, Peace. 

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