Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Israeli Navy Takes Dignite/Al Karama in International Waters

Earlier today [July 19, 2011], the Israeli navy took control of the one boat from Freedom Flotilla II that had made it into international waters on their way to Gaza. The French-flagged boat - Dignite/Al Karama - carried 16 people from France, Canada, Greece, Sweden and Tunisia. They were stopped about 40 miles away from Gaza and after several hours the Israelis took control of the boat, bringing it to the Israeli port of Ashdod.
There are no reports of any injuries and we have heard the passengers were being arrested. We do not yet know how long they will be detained or what will happen to the boat.
We urge you to contact the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC to call for the immediate release of these people.  

Most important, we must call on the Israeli government to end the siege and blockade of Gaza, and to treat the people of Palestine in compliance with international law!
Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC
  • Ph: 202-364-5500
  • F:   202-364-5423
  • Dignite, Huwaida Arraf 
  • 202-294-8813
  • U.S. Boat to Gaza, Felice Gelman 
  • 917-912-2597

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