Saturday, June 11, 2011

Occupation and Resistance! Anthology

We are seeking submissions (writings, artworks and photographs) by artists and writers who live under Occupied Rule in Occupied Lands (such as Palestine, Kashmir, Tibet, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc)

What is the PROJECT?

Occupation And Resistance (working title) is an ANTHOLOGY of writings (non-fiction and fiction), artworks, and photos, by artists living in occupied lands, intended for electronic publication by Artists Against Apartheid.


To promote the art and culture of artists, writers, photographers in Occupied Lands, that are otherwise ignored and shunned by the Western mainstream media. We will promote the AAA anthology across the global media landscape and bring increased exposure for artists, writers and civilians living under both foreign and domestic military occupation.


Artist or writer or photographer MUST live in Occupied Lands (such as Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tibet, etc), not as a transient resident.

Written pieces may be fiction or non-fiction as the medium of publication will be a printable PDF, written and visual artworks of all kinds are welcomed. All written pieces must be submitted in English only. (please contact us if you need help finding a translator, we can try.)


We will accept creative submissions via: If you are sending large files (over 10MB), please use a service like or to upload your files and send a link. We will acknowledge receipt of all submissions, so please follow up if you have not received a response within one week.

The deadline for submission is August 1st 2011.

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