Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Defending Education: Here and Abroad: HEC

Message from Dr. Atta ur Rahman


Dear Colleagues

In a shocking move, the present government approved the shredding of the Higher Education Commission into pieces handing the functions to the provinces. The Cabinet formally approved this last week.

This was illegal as HEC was a Federal Regulatory Authority and protected under the 18th amendment of the Constitution like other Federal Regulatory Authorities.

6 easy steps, two event pages, petition, protest, website, group, you tube 


Join hands and shoulders under one slogan. "Save HEC, save our future"  Help us spread the word that all universities (students, faculty, administration) in Islamabad peacefully gather outside HEC building to show solidarity with the Commission until the government takes back its decision and agrees to release all promised funds to it.

It's time to give back.  Time to stand up for upcoming young talent in Pakistan and their education.

The organization has done so much.  Now is time to see what we can do for it.

Everyone abroad, gather signed petitions. 

In PakistanTake your class fellows and protest before Pakistani High commissions. Gather local media's attention, make videos, send them to us. We will send them to local News Channels.


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Farhan 0312-5343821 
Umer 0333-5247827

Islamabad Chapter
Atif Abdul Majeed
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United Kingdom Chapter
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Italy Chapter
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Sweden Chapter
UAE Chapter
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 Are you with us or will you just sit back and wait for others?

© Defending HEC, Galib Khalil

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