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Dave Schulz: Connect: CD Review: Buffalo and LA

Dave Schulz breaks free with his solo debut CD titled, "Connect."  Recorded mixed and engineered at: The Cave and Studio Atlantis, this 10 track CD is a 10+ year sentiment of the dedication Dave Schulz has lent to, grown within and around the art of music. 

The first track, "Everything", introduces itself with quintessential classical piano by Schulz. Written by Dave and Gretchen Schulz, this tune takes you to pensive heights with Dave on vox along with constant driving force of Matt Oloffson on percussion with Gretchen Schulz on backing vox, Robi Banerji on bass, Todd McCool on guitar and Jack Ellis on trombone. Each of them, in unison, bring you to the vortex of self with: "If you had everything / would it mean everything? / would you feel anything? / would you give everything? / just to feel like anything? / would it mean everything?"  Dave follows through with piano to end a tune, that is by far, radio ready.

Dave Schulz, singer/songwriter/keyboardist, of Buffalo, NY, were raised with a Father that was pianist and conductor of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.  Dave shared the stage with Beck, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Marilyn Manson, Pete Townshend, Bon Jovi, Rolling Stones, Spice Girls, Elvis Costello, Buffalo Tom, Sugar Ray, Fastball, New Radicals, Shania Twain, Blink 182, Missing Persons, DEVO, Berlin, Dramarama, Pet Shop Boys, N’SYNC, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Fishbone, Maceo Parker, Dido, and Smashmouth, as well as performing at Woodstock in front of 60, 000 fans. 

This Western New York musician was nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year (2005 Los Angeles Music Awards), Best Keyboardist of the year (2006 All Access Awards), and nominations for Song of the Year (“Planet 39”) and Album of the Year (for his work with One Tribe Nation).

Present Awards and Inductions include: 2008:  Dave Schulz, (along with Robert and Gretchen Schulz) Buffalo Music Hall of Fame, 2009, honorable mention (16th Annual Billboard World Song) and (12th Annual Unisong International Songwriting Competitions) for his song, "Everything" that appears on his debut CD, "Connect."  Dave has performed with various musicians such as:  Goo Goo Dolls, Fuel, English Beat, Bran Van 3000, General Public, Berlin, Ryan Cabrera, Bo Diddley, Jihad Jerry and the Evildoers (Jerry Casale from DEVO’s solo project) Glenn Hughes, Bernard Fowler, One Tribe Nation, Phil Upchurch, Meleni, Fastball, The Rembrandts, Carmen and Camille, Hilary Hawn, When In Rome, Mesner, Michael Mccarthy and the Beautiful Fools, Last Conservative, Kristine W., Duke Graham, Daniel Morones, Derek Sholl, Eric Sardinas, Pine Dogs, Marvelous Sauce, Gretchen Schulz and the Morvelles, Steam Donkeys, Geno McManus, The Quakes, and The Buffalo Sabres. 

Schulz has appeared on VH1, MTV, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Craig Ferguson,  Rosie O’Donnell, and CNN with live radio play on The BBC.

The 3rd song on the CD, "Perfect Day", written by Schulz and Steve DeMarchi, has intense lyrical significance. "have you ever been on your own / still waiting to feel like someone / have all the roads you've known / led to cities of ice in desert sun / and buried in the sand / a shattered image of a land / seen with eyes of a child."  Robin DiMaggio on percussion, Mike Porcaro on bass, Steve DeMarchi on guitars, Matt Gruber on guitars and Dave on keyboard and vox, continues with a warlike remnant of past with: "i'm in a space in between the wine and truth / i can't erase all i know from all I knew / forgot where i'm goin' but ended up here with you / its a perfect day to be insane"  This tune is cohesive, strong, and a post 9-11 eulogy.

"Lovers" if not currently playing on the radio, should be. It is significantly the strongest tune on this entire CD. With Dave's furlough into indie/pop/rock, the jazzy backbeat and sensual lyrics, flips you off your feet, turning you around, upside down, and does not set you directly on your feet with: "we were like lovers / i could tell from the start / we were just strangers / but you opened my heart / with a lifetime of memories / and nothing to lose / not being close / would have been easy to do / but i can never look back at all / i can never move forward till i let you run / when we were like lovers / the world couldn't pull us apart."  Written by David Cordrey, "Lovers", features Cordrey on guitar, Michael Rosas on guitar, bass and drums, Steve DeMarchi on guitar and David Aido on acoustics. "Lovers" is a heartbeat, a solitary touch, its poetry.  "Lovers" is the past, present and future.

"Connect" certainly does just that. Every song on this CD is electric.  It is a testament to the many years Dave Schulz has performed.  "Connect" is a must have and one of the most complete compilations of musicians, instruments, lyrics, and subject matter I have encountered in a long time.

Visit Dave Schulz at: www.daveschulzmusic.com for accomplishments, more on Dave and connect directly to and with him. "Connect" can be found on the above website under: STORE and Dave can be found on myspace, facebook, itunes, twitter, reverbnation and you tube.

This entire CD is a sensory hallucinatory dance into a bluesy mix of hypnotic lyrics and jazz tempos. Grab this CD, go to www.daveschulzmusic.com.  This is one that you will leave in the player all day long. An absolute spiritual progression.

"you can hold me forever / you can feel me right now / hold me like lovers / hold me wherever you are."

© Susan Marie 2010

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