Thursday, August 6, 2015

Let Me Be

First published on Rebelle Society

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Let me be
your dark horse.
your white light.

The northern star
in the deep dank woods,
leading you
to safe ground.

Let me be
your wet dream,
your every desire,
your deepest fear,
and greatest strength.

Let me be the
cool sweet jewel
placed upon your finger,
the ore of this earth,
the most
majestic gemstone.

Let me be
your laughter
and tear.
Your smile
and your sigh.

Let me be
the rainfall
wiping away
the dirt of this earth,
and the sun shining,
sustaining life.

Let me be
your fantasy.
Waking and dream states.

The thorn and the rose,
the bud and the bloom,
the minerals that rise
to feed the fires
of the kaleidoscopes,
painting the most
precious flowers golden.

Let me be
all of this
and more.
Let me be
your mistress,
your lover,
your great release
and escape.
Your happiness
and healing.

Let me be
a great love
you never forget
nor regret.

Let me be
with you.
just for a spell.

I promise
to be
the sweat
that drips
from your brow
while above me
on my breasts,
down to the
small of my

Let me be
the scream
you let out
behind me.
So rough,
so sweet.

Let me be
each thrust
and buck
of your hips,
in rhythm
with my own.

Let me be
the sweet kiss
on your lips,
your precious,
holy mouth
Let me be
your eyes
boring down
upon my own.

Let me be
our breath
upon your neck
into my hair.
My tresses,
upon your chest.

Let me be
one body
let me invite
you here,
into my

Dive deep
into oceans
you have only

I welcome you
to my doorstep,
a most divine altar.
One made of roots and trees,
twigs and footholds,
rarely trodden.
The path obscured
only by eyes

Let me be your
night sweat,
your early morning

Let me be
the rise and fall
of your mighty hands
grabbing our hearts,
You, feasting
as that of a man

Let me let you in to me.

Will you
walk with me
on this forest path?
Let me be the thoughts
that keep you up
in the darkness
of Mother Night
and the embrace
that sings you to sleep
when you are tired

Let me be
an ocean,
roaring precious years
of driftwood full of souls
of lives past

Let me erase
all worry.
Let me be the chalk
that draws the outline
to the path
to your very being.

Allow me
to awaken you
to your dirty secrets,
to existential truths,
to the pure wonder
and beauty
of your own

Let me be
a waterfall
cleansing your skin,
soft from the
blistering eye
of heaven.

Let me love you
as I love myself,
as we are meant
to love,
and be loved.

Let me break the rules,
let us run

Let us live
as wild animals.

Let me be
your fix, your drug
and elixir.
Your addiction
and cure.
Let me be
and oh so serenely

Let me reach down
deep and cure you
of your


i am

Published on Leaves of Ink 

© Susan Marie

I am
that which
cannot be caged,
tamed, tried,
understood, included,
deluded, or left.

I am the fairy-tailed children
asleep beneath blankets
on a cool summers eve,
books in palms,
eyes shut tight,
warding off monsters
in closets
underneath the bed.

The angelic presence
in dreams,
the dark rising depths,
present in the time
between night and day.

I am the bleeding hearts
of artists,
music flowing
like manes
of thoroughbreds.

Strings and violins,
concertos and preludes,
the rise and fall,
of notes,

the voice
of the oppressed,
painting alone,
writing alone,
speaking to the masses
standing in front
of sculptures
in galleries,
from having their soul
placed on a public platter,
picked apart
and critiqued.

I am the constellations,
the stars,
the ancient raiment
of the majestic
velvet night,
coaxing solitude,
and creation,
rendering you
with desire.

The great God
contemplating existence,
tossing magic
and medicine,
towards earth,
teaching lessons to the
mere human soul.

I am.
I am a lover,

I am the volcanic rumblings
of every tired soul,
and every smile
and tear.

I am an argument
and agreement.

The birds that birth
in your
crown chakra.
Their song
is mine.

All creatures,
earth, dirt, silt
gems, stones,
twigs, and trees.

Every root and crevice,
all footholds and paths,
the waving branches
pregnant with leaves.

The falling leaves.

Every rock and shell,
the waves and oceans,
all bodies of water,
feathers, flight,
the bees that buzz
around the new bud,
the hand that guides
a sprout from seed.

The secrets the wind
The fierce embrace
of winter,
the warmth upon
your face,
heart, body, soul,
and the sweet cool
calming waters
of life.

I am death.

I am woman.

I am every element.
All emotions,
every fable told
by firelight,

Every word written,
spoken, uttered,
screamed and sighed.

The true Goddess,
the wild soul.

I am that
which cannot
be kept,
nor set free.

I exist
without logic,
in rational conscious
in esoteric
holy nakedness.

I am the rich man
and beggar,
the king and the jester.

I am the grass,
all species,
and the sky.
of spectrums.

I am good

I am a conundrum
unto myself,
a human shell
as pure

I am heaven
and hell
I am the destroyer
and creator

Friday, July 31, 2015

ChalkFest Buffalo! 2015

WHAT:     ChalkFest Buffalo! 2015

WHERE:  500 Block Main Street Buffalo, NY - Located on Main Street in between Huron & Mohawk Streets  MAP HERE

WHEN:    Saturday & Sunday, August 1st & 2nd, Noon-6pm both days

WHY:      ChalkFest Buffalo! is a free annual event in the heart of Downtown Buffalo, hosted by the 500 Block of Main Street Association. With so many amazing things to do in Buffalo, the 500 Block Association felt their little niche needed to get on the summer calendars and what better way than through art, games, music, and food. 

An entire city block is transformed into a colorful playground for two days, with more sidewalk chalk than anyone could dream of. Kids of all ages will have the chance to participate and leave their mark, albeit temporarily, in the city creating whatever their imagination can come up with, while drawing, learning and watching over the shoulders of local and world renown artists!

In an effort to give back each year, ChalkFest Buffalo! chooses a local organization geared toward children and proceeds from all vendor fees and t-shirt sales are donated to that group.  This year’s beneficiary is Explore & More Childrens Museum, which provides an environment for creative play and learning through hands-on exhibits, activities and programs that spark creativity, curiosity and imagination in children.

Erin Carmina, ChalkFest Coordinator
(716) 860-1760,

Thursday, July 30, 2015

WNY VegFest 2015 – A Sustainable Awakening

First Published on StreetPoetz.Com by Carmel Cece Carson


When people think of Buffalo, NY, they often think of a tumultuous amount of snow, chicken wings, and the losing streak of the Buffalo Bills. What many don’t know is that the city is rich with different cultures and an immense diversity of amazing food! Each summer promises various food festivals as an opportunity to venture out and experience something new, and in 2014 one group decided to take this a step further.

WNY VegFest merges Vegetarian and Vegan with a clean, sustainable, and healthy lifestyle. The event brought over 5,000 people to Delaware Park last year and expects an even larger turnout this year.

StreetPoetz.Com founder, Cece Carson, had a moment to speak with Albert Brown, one of the co-founders of WNY Vegfest and he provided insight into the birth of this astounding event.

Can you tell us how WNY VegFest came to be?  

“I thought that a festival encouraging and celebrating all the wonderful benefits of a plant based lifestyle would be perfect for the WNY/Buffalo region and that was the spark that lit a fire that continues to burn.”

At the point this was just an idea; did you ever think it would be so successful in the first year?

“No, we had hoped for 1,500 folks to show up the first year but 5,000 decided they had a better idea than me, ha-ha.”

Who is the driving force team behind WNY VegFest?

“Sara Rogers, Melanie Pasinski, and myself.”

We love that you have also found a way to incorporate the arts into the event.  Can you tell us more about this?

“The arts are such an important part of the WNY VegFest!  We love featuring local musicians, dancers, and artists and artisans of all kinds.  We want our event to always be a creative expression of the talent and love that our region is known for and will always look for ways to showcase our talented pool of artist in the WNY area.”

What do you feel the key difference will be between 2014 and 2015? 

“Well, knock on wood, I think we are a little better prepared and we are expanding in every area.  Our theme this year is A Plant based Lifestyle and its benefits in an Age of Climate change!

How many businesses and vendors can we look forward to this year?

“As of right now we have over 70 and that number will grow right up to the event.”

Can you tell us what goals you have in mind for the future?

“I would love to see the WNY VegFest become a multiple day festival and expand on performances, speakers, music and of course all that delicious food!”
This year’s event will feature not only amazing food and earth conscious vendors, but also:
  • The annual Tofurkey Trot 5K Run/Walk
  • Live music, drumming, dancing, hula hoops, kids area, and other performances
  • Animals for adoption
  • Speakers and vendors
  • Fun! Fun! Fun!

Want to be a part of WNY VegFest?
Contact Albert via email or phone
  • albert [at]
  • (716) 465.3927 

Check out the website for the complete schedule of events, how to volunteer, donate, sponsor and have a lot of fun at

Stay tuned because it does not stop here.

 Graphics © WNY Vegfest

Thursday, July 23, 2015

ART, ALL GENRES: StreetPoetz.Com: Get Yourself, Your Business Listed For Free

WHAT:   StreetPoetz.Com is a space for writers, poets, vocalists, visual artists, photographers and musicians to express themselves, practice their skills, collaborate and be noticed. Our goal is to serve as the hub for artistic events. Any business that caters/supports/promotes all artistic genres is welcomed and needed. 

WHERE: Follow this link --> hit JOIN, fill out data you wish the public to see and start your artistic journey! 

WHEN:  Right now! Go ahead, do it. Why wait? I am listed there as a writer, spoken word poet, author, public relations, radio . . .  what do you do? 

WHY:    On Saturday, August 29th, there will be a massive event/mixer --> at Shea's Smith Theatre in Buffalo's newly renovated Theatre District to feature, vend, perform, collaborate and meet. Virtual vendors are accepted!

For more information:
Carmel Cece Carson, CEO/Founder

Friday, July 17, 2015

Eastern Monarch Butterfly Farm Featuring Melissa Lussier

Here is a short video I made showcasing the Eastern Monarch Butterfly Farm and a portion of the work they do while standing inside a butterfly tent, which was fantastic, along with a sampling of the beautiful vocals of Melissa Lussier of Melissa Lussier Music - please visit all linked above and connect to the farm and to Melissa and her music. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015