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Dave Schulz: Connect: CD Review: Buffalo and LA

Dave Schulz breaks free with his solo debut CD titled, "Connect."  Recorded mixed and engineered at: The Cave and Studio Atlantis, this 10 track CD is a 10+ year sentiment of the dedication Dave Schulz has lent to, grown within and around the art of music. 

The first track, "Everything", introduces itself with quintessential classical piano by Schulz. Written by Dave and Gretchen Schulz, this tune takes you to pensive heights with Dave on vox along with constant driving force of Matt Oloffson on percussion with Gretchen Schulz on backing vox, Robi Banerji on bass, Todd McCool on guitar and Jack Ellis on trombone. Each of them, in unison, bring you to the vortex of self with: "If you had everything / would it mean everything? / would you feel anything? / would you give everything? / just to feel like anything? / would it mean everything?"  Dave follows through with piano to end a tune, that is by far, radio ready.

Dave Schulz, singer/songwriter/keyboardist, of Buffalo, NY, were raised with a Father that was pianist and conductor of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.  Dave shared the stage with Beck, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Marilyn Manson, Pete Townshend, Bon Jovi, Rolling Stones, Spice Girls, Elvis Costello, Buffalo Tom, Sugar Ray, Fastball, New Radicals, Shania Twain, Blink 182, Missing Persons, DEVO, Berlin, Dramarama, Pet Shop Boys, N’SYNC, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Fishbone, Maceo Parker, Dido, and Smashmouth, as well as performing at Woodstock in front of 60, 000 fans. 

This Western New York musician was nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year (2005 Los Angeles Music Awards), Best Keyboardist of the year (2006 All Access Awards), and nominations for Song of the Year (“Planet 39”) and Album of the Year (for his work with One Tribe Nation).

Present Awards and Inductions include: 2008:  Dave Schulz, (along with Robert and Gretchen Schulz) Buffalo Music Hall of Fame, 2009, honorable mention (16th Annual Billboard World Song) and (12th Annual Unisong International Songwriting Competitions) for his song, "Everything" that appears on his debut CD, "Connect."  Dave has performed with various musicians such as:  Goo Goo Dolls, Fuel, English Beat, Bran Van 3000, General Public, Berlin, Ryan Cabrera, Bo Diddley, Jihad Jerry and the Evildoers (Jerry Casale from DEVO’s solo project) Glenn Hughes, Bernard Fowler, One Tribe Nation, Phil Upchurch, Meleni, Fastball, The Rembrandts, Carmen and Camille, Hilary Hawn, When In Rome, Mesner, Michael Mccarthy and the Beautiful Fools, Last Conservative, Kristine W., Duke Graham, Daniel Morones, Derek Sholl, Eric Sardinas, Pine Dogs, Marvelous Sauce, Gretchen Schulz and the Morvelles, Steam Donkeys, Geno McManus, The Quakes, and The Buffalo Sabres. 

Schulz has appeared on VH1, MTV, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Craig Ferguson,  Rosie O’Donnell, and CNN with live radio play on The BBC.

The 3rd song on the CD, "Perfect Day", written by Schulz and Steve DeMarchi, has intense lyrical significance. "have you ever been on your own / still waiting to feel like someone / have all the roads you've known / led to cities of ice in desert sun / and buried in the sand / a shattered image of a land / seen with eyes of a child."  Robin DiMaggio on percussion, Mike Porcaro on bass, Steve DeMarchi on guitars, Matt Gruber on guitars and Dave on keyboard and vox, continues with a warlike remnant of past with: "i'm in a space in between the wine and truth / i can't erase all i know from all I knew / forgot where i'm goin' but ended up here with you / its a perfect day to be insane"  This tune is cohesive, strong, and a post 9-11 eulogy.

"Lovers" if not currently playing on the radio, should be. It is significantly the strongest tune on this entire CD. With Dave's furlough into indie/pop/rock, the jazzy backbeat and sensual lyrics, flips you off your feet, turning you around, upside down, and does not set you directly on your feet with: "we were like lovers / i could tell from the start / we were just strangers / but you opened my heart / with a lifetime of memories / and nothing to lose / not being close / would have been easy to do / but i can never look back at all / i can never move forward till i let you run / when we were like lovers / the world couldn't pull us apart."  Written by David Cordrey, "Lovers", features Cordrey on guitar, Michael Rosas on guitar, bass and drums, Steve DeMarchi on guitar and David Aido on acoustics. "Lovers" is a heartbeat, a solitary touch, its poetry.  "Lovers" is the past, present and future.

"Connect" certainly does just that. Every song on this CD is electric.  It is a testament to the many years Dave Schulz has performed.  "Connect" is a must have and one of the most complete compilations of musicians, instruments, lyrics, and subject matter I have encountered in a long time.

Visit Dave Schulz at: www.daveschulzmusic.com for accomplishments, more on Dave and connect directly to and with him. "Connect" can be found on the above website under: STORE and Dave can be found on myspace, facebook, itunes, twitter, reverbnation and you tube.

This entire CD is a sensory hallucinatory dance into a bluesy mix of hypnotic lyrics and jazz tempos. Grab this CD, go to www.daveschulzmusic.com.  This is one that you will leave in the player all day long. An absolute spiritual progression.

"you can hold me forever / you can feel me right now / hold me like lovers / hold me wherever you are."

© Susan Marie 2010

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Celebrate Starlight! Starlight Studio 5th Anniversary

You are cordially invited to

Friday, October 1, 2010
 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.


       A Program Created by Learning Disabilities Association

Gallery Hours:  Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Come celebrate the 5th anniversary of Starlight
Studio and Art Gallery.  5 years of individuals
developing themselves as creative artists.

This is a FREE event featuring the sounds of Free Henry!
SB Reeves and his Outfit and Fredonia Jazz Trio as well as
food from Globe Market and a silent art auction.
Preview Event :  Friday, September 24,  5 p.m.-11 p.m.
View the beautiful artworks up for auction on this evening while also seeing
Bruce Adams’ installation, Divine Beauty, as part of the
Beyond/In Western New York 2010 exhibition.

Celebrate Starlight: 5 Year Anniversary Starlight Studios

On October 1, 2010 from 7-10pm, Western New York will celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Starlight Studios in conjunction with The Learning Disabilities Association of Western New York 

"Celebrate Starlight", is a gathering of community, artists, business, educators, art aficionados, teaching artists, organizations, musicians and students of the gallery to celebrate the work both organizations continue to provide to all genres of art.   

This event is FREE and open to the public.  All are invited and welcomed. 

"Celebrate Starlight" will provide live music, light refreshments, a silent auction of framed art prints, along with t-shirts, calenders and note cards created by students of The Learning Disabilities Association of Western New York.   

Starlight Studio and Art Gallery is an open art studio habilitation program for adults with developmental disabilities and neurological impairments.  Participants work with professional artists to cultivate their skills in a myriad of media and techniques.  An on site gallery affords participants and other artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work. Visits to museums, galleries, artist studios and other sites are an integral part of the program as is hosting visiting artists in the areas of visual art, poetry, storytelling and songwriting. The mission of Starlight is to provide individualized guidance for the cultivation of artistic expression with people who have disabilities.  Participants have the opportunity to interface with the public and broaden public perceptions about people with disabilities as well as enrich their own lives. 

The Learning Disabilities Association of Western New York provides high-quality individualized, comprehensive, and innovative services, which support, educate, and empower individuals with learning disabilities, neurological impairments, and other disabilities with similar needs.
The event will commence at 7pm with Western New York's finest musical performances by Free Henry!, SB Reeves, and Fredonia Jazz Trio. 

  Please join us for an enchanting evening celebrating art and music, with an auction, light refreshments and a gathering of all aspects of community at Starlight Studios, 340 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY  716. 842.1525 from 7-10pm. The event is FREE and open to all public. 

For more information: www.starlightstudios.org and http://www.ldaofwny.org/. Support your community, art in all genres and two organizations that continue to fuel a positive growing presence in our world. Create, diversify, dedicate and educate.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Western New York Musicians Support Pakistan Flood Victims

Contact: Aaron O'Brian
Ph: 716-602-2465

Western New York Musicians Support Pakistan Flood Victims

On Sunday, September 19th from 1-9pm, Western New York musicians will help raise money for the victims of the Pakistan flood at the Pakistan Flooding Relief Benefit Show at Alternative Brews 3488 Sheridan Drive, Amherst NY.

The show will feature ten local bands with musical styles ranging from acoustic solo acts to original rock and alternative songs and covers. Bands and musicians scheduled to play are: Michael Bly, Black Heart Republic, The Improvements, Concubine, The Gibbets, Force Of Habit, Big Tree Road, Ozzmageddon, Rosaleen Marion and Nicolette Saraf.

All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to UNICEF: Pakistan Flood Relief.

Local musician Aaron O'Brian, lead singer of the Buffalo-based band Black Heart Republic, organized the event to help out the millions of people left homeless and in need of food, shelter, clean drinking water and medical services.

"The United Nations estimates that more than 20 million people are injured or homeless as a result of the flooding, exceeding the combined total of individuals affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake," said O'Brian.

Acoustic musician Rosaleen Marion felt compelled to help out and would rather take some sort of action in order to help the people in need.

"When the world turns upside down, everyone is moved, "said Marion. "If the choice is to cry or sing, I would rather sing. If the tears are going to come anyway, then at least I am not crying alone in front of the TV wondering what to do, because I have done that before and I am grateful for the opportunity to do something helpful instead."

Doors open at 1 p.m. and admission is $5 at the door for this 21 and over show. Bands will play throughout the day starting at 3 p.m. The Buffalo Bills/Green Bay game airs at 1pm and can be watched at Alternative Brews.

YOU are a part of HUMANITY. This is OUR World. 
Please help the PEOPLE of PAKISTAN. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Grace Stumberg: Music in Action: WNY Org as Model in Quality

Here's a homegrown response to the growing call for education reform and accountability.

Future Schools Network, a small WNY non-profit organization with a 15-year track record of providing innovative student-centered programming, just did something that no one else has done, at least not in New York State. They received a rare "quality" certification for a 2nd time for providing leadership, career and service learning programs to area students.

The Promising Practice certification, received last month, comes from a NYS quality assurance board, www.sharingsuccess.org, supported by the Legislature & Governor's office.

"Less than 1% of programs ever receive this award, states Dr. Felicia Watson, Technical Assistance Director for New York State's 21st Century Community Learning Centers. "Earning two is the definition of being an evidence-based 'best-practice', and a great lesson in quality and dedication to continuous improvement."


Future Schools Network, was first certified in 2007 for their Future Leaders / Student Voices program and received this second award in July for "Music in Action", a program co-authored by Future Schools Director, Bob James and Robby Takac, Founder of Music is Art.

Students also "get it", but on a more personal level, including Grace Stumberg, who was invited to open a May 2009 education conference at the State Capital with her song, "Change the World."

"For myself and others, it [Music in Action] was the reason to come to school," Stumberg was quoted. "If it weren't for the program, I wouldn't be here today and I'd probably be drifting and not knowing my own voice inside."

Official quality certification is rare, requiring ample data and analysis. Many high-profile programs like D.A.R.E. & Save the Music have not achieved similar honors.

The New York State Education Department advocates the use of proven "evidenced-based" programs. Many claim to do this, but few have the data to prove it.

"The ultimate goal of funding for educational programs should be youth development", states John Soja, former Director of the NYS Education Department's 21st Century Community Learning Centers. "Students need meaningful service learning experiences in order to nurture the academic, social and emotional skills necessary to function as productive citizens.  Future Leaders, and now Music in Action have effectively utilized grant funding to accomplish this goal."

Assemblyman Sam Hoyt said, "Buffalo should be proud of the double 'quality' certification that Future Schools Network has received.  Its work is a model of accountability and has the ability to transform the way services can be delivered in schools across the state."

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What If This Were Your Family In Need of Disaster Relief?

This is still ongoing in 2011 . . . 

YOU are a part of HUMANITY. This is OUR World. 
Please help the PEOPLE of PAKISTAN.  

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© International Medical Corps 2010



I received a story written by Amna Siddiqui, a young lady in Pakistan, a nation currently declared the largest relief aid effort overshadowing Hurricane Katrina, the Tsunami, and the Haiti Earthquake by the United Nations News Room.  Following a severe plane crash (as reported by the BBC), sudden and extreme flooding has left [and continues to leave] families without homes, belongings, food, and safe water to drink.  Numerous teams of people in Pakistan are bringing food, water and assisting with medical aid to victims of flood areas. The reality of this situation is not what is seen on television or newspapers.  Through the mouths of those living in this disaster, I share with you pictures, videos and information.

Below is Amna's story and following her story are links to teams in Pakistan to join, reputable organizations to donate to, and cell text donations.  I share this to educate and inform.  Many countries have and are sending aid, however, the aid is needed now.  The aftermath of each passing day presents new areas of flood victims, need for more food/water, medication/medical aid workers to halt waterborne disease, and to prevent further death. All underlined links below go directly to the website mentioned.  We are all a part of humanity. Please join me in lending your hand to the people of Pakistan, and if in Pakistan, join your nation in whatever way possible.

This Family by Amna Siddiqui    
[Ramadan is a celebration of blessings.]

5 days had gone past; washed away more like. And with them, washed away were my house, my family, my things; things that mattered, and things that now, didn’t. And I was left alone, to ponder over its meaning. 5 days, and I still couldn’t believe it.

Ramadan was to start from tomorrow; the Month of Blessings. And I wondered, with a pang of disgrace, over the things I had lost. Certainly, there was no compensation to family; my mother and father and my two younger sisters. Every single thing reminded me of them, and with every single reminder my heart would break anew.

As I looked around, I would only see houses that were flattened, the school destroyed, parents missing, siblings missing, and the fruit laden trees washed away. What was there to be grateful for now? What blessings was Ramadan going to bring me? Nothing mattered to me now, as fresh tears flooded my eyes and I silently wished I could drown myself in them.

With a tired sigh, I got up and started walking. It was a long and silent night. I had no idea of time. I put my hand in my pocket and felt the half eaten pack of biscuits my sister had lent me a week ago. With a tight throat, I lifted it out of my pocket and opened it. The biscuits were soggy; not really my choice. As I was counting them, a cough distracted me. I looked up and noticed a faint glow coming from a distance away. Curiously, I started walking towards it, and saw a few figures settled around a fire. My heart skipped a beat.  They must have food.  I thought. At last, I wouldn't have to eat these soggy biscuits. I sped up towards them.

As I reached nearer, I could make out their faces. Two old men, a woman and a little girl, a middle aged man doing the fire, and two young boys sitting next to him. They weren’t talking, just sitting there drying their clothes and warming up their broken hearts.

© UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency 2010

“Assalam o alaikum” I said loudly so the middle aged man and a few others looked up. 
“Walekum assalam” he replied. “Do sit down.”  
I sat down on a small boulder next to him.
“My name is Zaheer” he said, “And you are?”
“Azhar. From the village down the… road.”  I said.

“Hmmm… Do join us.” Zaheer said with a faint smile and pushed a plate towards me. It had a few dates and some rice. I looked around and noticed others had the same eccentric dish in front of them. The little girl was eating her cold rice hungrily, and the woman, possibly her mother was chewing on the dates.

“This is all we have” Zaheer said without looking up. “But it’s something.”

And I felt like someone had shoved a brick down my throat. I could not speak, I could not swallow. I just sat there with my eyes burning.  Reminding myself of all the blessings I had been ignoring.  How could I have been so ungrateful?  I never valued the whole ripe fruit we grew in our own houses.  I never appreciated my relations.  I sulked over not having a brother,  when blessed with two wonderful sisters.  And worse yet, I loathed my village folk.  I thought of them as illiterate, ignorant, crazy people.  And now, all these blessings were taken away from me.  And I didn’t deserve them in the first place.  And now,  I were blessed so much still. 

And here I was, a Muslim. Sitting among my fellow Muslims. None of us knew each other. The woman and her daughter, the two old men, the little boys and Zaheer himself, all belonged to different families. And were now, sitting together, preparing to Fast.  Of course I still had a family.   They were my family.  My brothers and sisters.  There was no place in the stretched out world where a Muslim was not having Sehri [the feast before the fast] right now, or any moments to follow.  No matter what calamity, we were still here, assembled together for praying.  No matter how many people were lost, we still had ourselves to heal us, and our belief to keep us going. And it was this belief, that linked us together, that made us a family.

© UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency 2010

“Do you… have water?” I croaked.
“Lots of it…” said Zaheer and handed me a huge plastic bottle.
I drank the cold liquid, grateful for every gulp.
“You should start eating.” Zaheer prompted.

I nodded and reached my pocket and brought out the pack of biscuits and handed them over to him.
He instantly opened them and distributed a biscuit each amongst us. Thankfully, there were enough.

“Alhamdulillah.” [Praise to God] We both said and ate gratefully.

And the warmth I felt towards my fellows in faith around me was warmer than any fire could create.

Thousands of people have died, 2 million have been displaced and 14 million lives have been disrupted by exceptionally heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan since July. The U.N. says that even more lives could be lost if aid doesn't arrive soon.


Click pictures below for live video of the flood 

© YOU TUBE VIDEO ITT news 2010 

 © CNN.com YOU TUBE VIDEO 2010 Reza Sayah

© YOU TUBE VIDEO www.Pakistankakhudahafiz.com

YOU are a part of HUMANITY. This is OUR World. 
Please help the PEOPLE of PAKISTAN.  



Friday, August 13, 2010

Speak Up For Pakistan by Nooruddin Jalal



We patriots will be celebrating 63rd Independence Day of our beloved motherland Pakistan, which came into being on 14th August 1947.  After  63 years -where we stand ? What we have achieved in this long journey? Did we accomplish any of our founders dreams? Did we give a proper law to the country? Are we REAL Pakistani!  Be sincere and think for a while- are we just Pathans , Hazara,  Baluch, Punjabi, Seriaki ,Sindhi, Muhajir, Chitrali ,Gilgiti and Kashmiri?  Where is the unity within us? Where is pluralism and tolerance? Where is our National Aim and rule of law? Where are the rights of minorities? Where is the sense of Pakistaniat?

Despite of whatever resources we have, despite of what the government is doing, despite of what the international forces are trying to do, let’s play our role to develop our country and to speak up for our land. Let’s learn how to live and help others within current circumstances. Let’s create a sense of Pakistaniat First! Taking care of our motherland will be in our shoulders Students, as Quaid –e- Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah used to say, are the future of Pakistan. And this future is in chaos between politics and religious dogmas, between panic and terror, between monism and pluralism and between Chair and Leader, between present and future of Pakistan.

We need to ponder on the REAL threats, which are the cause of today’s and tomorrow’s future. We need to redefine our dim strategy and need to develop National Aim’- an aim for Pakistan under which every politician, leader and citizen can put their efforts and intellects for the betterment of Pakistan. I have seen that our elected politician work to complete the five years tenure of the Chair. So that’s why; without national aim we are left far behind.

There is a saying “A boat doesn’t go forward if each one is rowing their own way.” A creative leadership is required for the country , who can lead people, who listens, who responds to success and failure and who dedicates his tenure not for party mission but for the vision of Pakistan. This land does not belong to those politicians who come and go before seasons change or those who during the hard times and trials and tribulations spend their time on expensive vacations to Europe, or those who pack their bags, rush to embassies, get the visas stamped and fly overseas. It belongs to those who support their brothers and sisters during tough times, natural calamities and those who shed their blood for their motherland, and to those who suffer and survive of it, it belongs to those to get hurt and die for it and finally it belongs to us!

We can make it more flourish and more prosper only when we are civilized, aware and educated. As Quaid –e- Azam advised students, “Let me give you this word of warning:  you’ll be making greatest mistake if you allow yourself to be exploited by one political party or another… Your main occupation should be – in fairness to yourself, in fairness to your parents, in fairness to the State – to devote your studies.” – (Addressed at Public Meeting Dacca, March 21, 1948).

Let’s be  together again and develop our nation, let’s work on our Quaid three magical words ~ Unity , Faith And Discipline. Unity, faith and discipline are the three words which made Jinnah the Quaid –e- Azam. It is blueprint of success which he shared with his nation himself. Unity, Faith and Discipline is the shortest possible distance between dream and its reality which is very much-needed in this time for us. If we follow this we do not have to beg for any aid.

We do not have to go to anyone to make Pakistan better. We all want betterment of Pakistan then why are we not working for it with unity. Why we keep on combating as Pathan, Hazara, Punjabi, Seraiki, Baluch, Sindhi, Punjabi, Gilgiti, Muhajir and Chitrali.

We all are hard workers then why don’t we have faith on each other? It is fruitless to blame government for everything wrong. It is our country and we have to make it better than the rest then better than the best. To craft a change we have to follow the way which Quaid showed us. We have to follow his principles to compose and rebuild Pakistan. It is three, just THREE words – Unity, Faith and Discipline.

I quote Quaid Azam here “With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.”

Do not let yourself be a victim. Real threat is not to our bodies, it is to our mind, thoughts and thinking. This threat is to everything which can do some good to Pakistan. Educate yourself, be aware of the danger, be familiar with the real threat. Education is main power. Get it and go for it. Let the education work to fertile your minds not only enhance your resumes and fill up your pockets. Be aware of the real danger. They can remove our bodies but can’t remove the thinking and morals.

We need to educate our selves  not only in technology but other fields as well, because now, it is a matter of honor, the honor of Sabz Hilali Parcham (Pakistani Flag). Be aware and do not let anyone play with our morals. Real targets are not bodies; actual targets are morals and unity of Pakistan. May be at some point we belong to different religions, races, colors and cultures but above all we belong to one Motherland – PAKISTAN…!!! 

All the crimes and bad things happening around us are not only because of wrong doings of bad ones but more because of the silence of the good ones.

Speak up, Grow Up And Rise Pakistan  
  Paaaakistaaa`aa n  Zindabad!   
~Happy Independence Day~

© Nooruddin Jalal
Karachi, Pakistan 
63rd Independence Day 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

Grace Stumberg: "to whom it may concern" CD Review

Grace Stumberg soars as a supernova on her first CD,  "to whom it may concern."  Released by Popadelic Records, produced by Bob James/Cabin5Studios, Grace Stumberg, Audio Magic, CGR Audio, Soundscape Recording and Zittel Street House of Sonic Affairs; this 12 track masterpiece is exactly what this world is waiting and bleeding for.

Grace Stumberg, an enlightened young woman, gives thanks to her parents for providing support, introducing her to music at a young age.  In addition to Robert James, musical career coach and guitarist, and musicians such as:  Bob James, Howard Fleetwood Wilson II,  Robby Takac (Goo Goo Dolls), Emmi James, Dave Riffel, Marc Hunt, Bethany Deyell, Cathy Carfagna, Rob Deyell, Jim Calabrese, Buffalo Select Chorus, Ana Vafal, Diana Nowak, and Brian DeJesus; with design by Erica Eichelkraut and Music in Action; this CD is well worth owning.   

The first track, Change the World, is a global call for solidarity. From the voice of one Western New York musician, first performing this at New York State's Capitol in Albany; Change the World embodies all our voices into one musical message, apparent in the chorus, "Cause I will change the world / with all that I am / I will change the world / I know I can."  Grace's powerful vocals are intoxicating, stirring the spirit to act seen here, "Life is too short to waste any time / so I'm gonna sing this song and shine."  Change the World is prolific. It is a message of a generation, "So many faces around me / so much pressure to fit in / Who will I be / where will I begin / is the question I ask from within / But I won't stop / until I know that my dreams will come true."  

© Erica Eichelkraut

The title track, to whom it may concern, is a story of how often we are shot down for our dreams. Grace's acoustics along with Cathy Carfagna on accordion, Bethany Deyell on violin, Rob Deyell on acoustics and Howard Fleetwood Mayall II on percussion, make this a powerful call to never allow anything to stop you from reaching your goal. " Ready or not here I come / Now that I'm tall / you hold my dreams so low / Keep trying to shoot me down / but I won't give in, no."

Track 5, "The Roses", (my personal favorite although the entire CD is simply divine), begins with a melancholy Dylanesque acoustic similar to the intro of  "One More Cup of Coffee."  Grace's vocals belt angelic, "She said ohhhh . . . look at the roses / so beautiful and bright."  This tune brings folk and bluegrass  mainstream.  The Roses" is bittersweet, beautiful hurt.

Track 11, WarTune, is a raw outpouring of emotion, "Why do you let them put you through / what you don't want to be put through?"  War Tune is a nice surprise coming from this acoustic/electric performer, "Some say the present/ learn from the past/ if that's the case / then why the hell are we in a war that lasts?" Simultaneous, Grace manages to speak of her own experience, as well of that of the world. The chorus is like a ball and chain hitting a brick wall. This must be listened to very loud.

Grace Stumberg is a genius. She is a powerhouse of positive. Her music is proof that music is not dead nor dying. "to whom it may concern'  is full of life, talent, ambition, hard work, and a call to wake up and pay attention because life is much to short. The beauty that surrounds Grace is humbling.  She is so talented and unpretentious which makes her valuable.  Her voice, guitar and outlook on life is exactly what is needed in this chaotic world. This CD never leaves my truck. If you haven't bought it, do so, now.  "to whom it may concern" is thick with healing, cohesion, social justice, solidarity, growth, pain, love, happiness and raw, rare talent. This is what music is all about.

Grace can be heard on WBFO, Think Twice Radio, grab the CD on her website and CD baby. She is a shooting star. This young woman has the entire package and she isn't gloating about it either. That is art, music and life.  Grace, in her sweet innocence, brings us back to ourselves questioning exactly why we are all here.

©  Susan Marie 2010


Friday, July 23, 2010

Interview with Iara Lee: Mavi Marmara: Cultures of Resistance

Iara LeeIara Lee, a Brazilian of Korean descent producer/director/activist, speaks of her experience on the Freedom Flotilla to aid Gaza May 2010, the Israel (IDF) attack on the Mavi and passengers (children and adults), her film history, Caipirinha Productions, Turkish NGO IHH, civil disobedience, her firsthand experience 2006 Lebanon War and her stay in Iran 2008.

Iara's organization, Cultures of Resistance, utilizes all genres of art as a vehicle to promote social justice globally.

View Iara's documentation of the night of the attack on the Mavi Marmara in International Waters, as well as her presentation of that case to the United Nations on YOU TUBE.

A USA To GAZA Freedom Flotilla is being formed in New York City. To donate, sponsor, or become a part of the next boat to Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid, go HERE.

Cultures of Resistance

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Interview: Grace Stumberg: Change the World


© Erica Eichelkraut

Singer/Songwriter Grace Stumberg has just released her first album entitled " To Whom it May Concern."  This album touches on many issues that are both social and simply fun. It taps into something soulful and meaningful. No auto-tune, no click tracks, just simply the power of song. 

"to whom it may concern" can be purchased on her WEBSITE. 

Grace you are a supernova. This is so beautiful and positive. This music just fills me right up with so much hope and she is so talented. Beautiful vocals and guitar. I mean you MUST have this CD its amazing.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Voices From The Herd: An Anthology For Buffalo, New York

Voices From The Herd: An Anthology For Buffalo, New York, is an anthology of Western New York writers as an homage to the city, its people, struggles, triumphs, weather, sports and historical landmarks. This volume is an incredible collection of fiction, nonfiction and poetry. 

Writers include:  Alycia Ripley, Tom Waters, Cindy Mantai, Susan Marie, George Tutuska, Christina Wos Donnelly, Sadie Worth, Stephanie Russell Haefner, Diane Meholick, Joanna Wos, Sean Scarisbrick, Paul Rehac, Ralph Walstrom, Caitlin Militello, Todd Shoepflin, Billy Mariani, Rachel G. Hunt, Jeff Schoeber, Lesa Quale, Joe Genco, Judith Frizlen, Karen Lewis, Martha Deed, Frank Thomas Croisdale, Charles Forness, Denise Amodeo Miller, Dan Sicoli, Karen Sands O'Connor, Carol Townsend, Marina Blitshteyn, Jennifer Campbell, Perry Nicholas, Peter Fernbach, Courtney Aja Barton, John Marvin, Jane Sadowsky and Jason Franco. 

To purchase, go to www.Lulu.com and search: Voices from the Herd.  $12.99 for paperback or direct download for $4.99.  100% of the proceeds will be sent directly to the Just Buffalo Literary Center.  You can also post your own reviews on the lulu site along with ratings for prospective readers.   
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Voices From The Herd is a not-for-profit anthology about the present day city of Buffalo.  All royalties will go towards the betterment and continued success of the Just Buffalo Literary Center.

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