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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Naval/Military Park to Host Unique Weekend Events

Sunset Celebration, a free 18-minute extravagant sound and light celebration timed to the evening’s sunset, will be staged on Buffalo’s flourishing waterfront each Friday and Saturday beginning July 10 and continuing through Sept. 5.

The unique celebration to showcase Buffalo’s beautiful sunset across Lake Erie will be held at the bow of the USS Little Rock and the submarine, The Croaker. It will feature specially themed music as guests relax on the large grassy area adjoining the walkway at the Naval & Military Park.

“Western New York has never had the opportunity to see and hear something like this. It will be a memorable experience for all and this will clearly be another unique weekly waterfront experience,” said Anthony P. LoRusso, chairman emeritus of the Naval & Military Park. “We encourage everyone to come down to the waterfront to be entertained while watching our sunsets on Friday and Saturday evenings,” he said.

For more information, contact Buffalo Naval Park - Anthony P. LoRusso at 818-3683.

One Hour Interview: Ray Manzarek (The Doors)

One Hour With Ray Manzarek

I am just so pleased - this was amazing. Please click below to check out One Hour with Ray Manzarek (of the Doors) its an amazing conversation, Ray is a beautiful spirit and I am honored to have spoken to him. Check out the websites, grab his books, CDS and check out the history and most importantly, listen.

Thank you Ray and Steve . . . and to all the Doors . . .
Jim, Robby, Ray and John . . . you have created something sacred for us all.



Susan Marie
New York USA

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tunes 4 Food On Think Twice Radio

On June 22 at 11am to July 23rd at 12pm, Western New York gathered for a 2 day, 25 hour non stop free music event in Niagara Square, downtown Buffalo, NY where local musicians performed to support The Food Bank of Western New York for For this first time event, we collected 1,959 pounds of non perishable food and $440 which gives the Food Bank power to distribute 3,923 meals to the needy in the four counties they serve in WNY. A heartfelt thank you to all musicians who performed, everyone who donated food and the media coverage we received. 50 - 1/2 hour slots were filled, I recorded as much as I was able.

Click below, second show down, for pictures and live audio:

Thank you to everyone who was involved and supported this event.



Monday, July 13, 2009

The Drepung Loseling Monastery Buffalo New York

The monks visited Unity Church in Buffalo, NY to perform and share the sacred ceremony, Lama Chopa, through The Mystical Arts of Tibet. The Buddhist monks travel to raise awareness about Tibetan tradition, the history and hardship of their culture in Tibet and India, to secure educational funding, and to acquire sponsorship for individual monks. The only support for the continuation of all of this is through donations, sale of handmade items by Tibetan refugees and the kindness of communities, business and organizations. To support any of their initiative's and Unity Church, please access the links provided above. The Lama Chopa Ceremony below is a musical guided meditation in Tibetan language.

Please click HERE or live audio and photo of the event

Susan Marie
New York USA

Buffalo/Rustbelt Episode of A. Bourdain: No Reservations

On Monday, July 27, 2009 at 7:30 pm there is a screening party at Pearl Street Grill and YOU are invited!

Later that evening, at 10 PM on The Travel Channel, Anthony Bourdain - No Reservations, "Rustbelt" Episode, featuring Nelson Starr will air with Starr giving Tony Bourdain a tour of some of Buffalo's finest under-the-radar, old-school food joints.

Nelson Starr, local musician and Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Inductee and filmmaker John Paget, reached out to Bourdain and The Travel Channel by making a three-minute video a contest to entice Bourdain to visit the city of the winning entry. Nelson Starr was a finalist, resulting in Bourdain to promise he would eventually come here.

You can view the video HERE.

For more information, contact Nelson Starr.

© Susan Marie
New York USA

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Buffalo Business Receives National Recognition: President’s Volunteer Service Awards

In July of 2009, Susan Marie Public Relations was certified as a business that continues to support faith based, organizational and community related events through her volunteer service over a two year span. A Certifying Organization is an entity that is approved to review and verify a volunteer’s hours, and nominate and distribute the President’s Volunteer Service Awards. COs are oftentimes, local offices, chapters, affiliates, offices, stores, or member organizations that operate under the auspices of a national Leadership Organization.

The Corporation for National and Community Service was formed to engage Americans of all ages and backgrounds in service to meet community needs. Each year, more than 1.5 million individuals of all ages and backgrounds help meet local needs through a wide array of service opportunities. These include projects in education, the environment, public safety, homeland security and other critical areas through the Corporation's three major programs: Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, and Learn and Serve America.

Certifying Organizations agree to perform the following roles:

  • Verify that the volunteer(s) has completed the number of service hours required to earn a President’s Volunteer Service Award.

  • Nominate verified volunteers by completing and submitting forms to receive the award(s).

  • Pay the nominal cost for the award package and its shipping, either directly or through local sponsorship.

  • Receive the award package and distribute the award to each recipient.

The President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation was established in 2003 to recognize the valuable contributions volunteers are making in our communities and encourage more people to serve. The Council created the President’s Volunteer Service Award program as a way to thank and honor Americans who, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to engage in volunteer service.

Recognizing and honoring volunteers sets a standard for service, encourages a sustained commitment to civic participation, and inspires others to make service a central part of their lives. The President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes individuals, families, and groups that have achieved a certain standard – measured by the number of hours of service over a 12-month period or cumulative hours earned over the course of a lifetime. There are more than 28,000 certifying organizations to bestow more than 1.5 million awards to the Nations deserving volunteers.

Awards to be given include:

  • Personalized Certificate (with individual’s name)
  • Lapel Pin (bronze, silver, gold or lifetime depending on total volunteer hours)
  • Congratulatory Letter from the President of the United States
  • Letter from the President's Council on Service & Civic Participation
During involvement with, Susan received this certification after tracking her volunteer hours after 2 years plus of volunteer service in her community and the Nation through her business and Think Twice Radio. Tunes4food was listed as a project under President Obama's Serve.Gov, his call to action for Americans to volunteer in their communities.

Awards to be distributed specifically for tunes4food under Susan Marie Public Relations are: Grace Stumberg, for her committed 25 hours during the entire event, performing and organizing and past involvement with Music in Action, WUFO 1080 AM, a spiritual based AM radio station that commits their time to supporting Western New York and Brooke Noelle Zarcone, who organized a food drive on her own in her high school that collected approximately 500 lbs of food for The Food Bank of Western New York.

To view more information regarding this incentive:


# # #


Susan Marie Public Relations
New York USA 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

2009 Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

BUFFALO, NY - Join the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame at 7 PM on Thursday, October 8, 2009 at the Tralf Music Hall located at 622 Main Street in Buffalo's Downtown Theatre District for a festive evening of live music and entertainment. Fans and friends are welcome to honor the 2009 Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Inductees, many of whom will perform. Local entertainer and radio personality Rob Lederman will emcee the event. Food and refreshments will be available through the Tralf facilities. Tickets are $20, at all Ticketmaster locations; charge by phone 852-5000, or through the Tralf Box office.

The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Class of 2009 includes the following:

THE BUFFALO BILLS BARBERSHOP QUARTET - 1950 International Quartet Champions, and famed quartet in the Broadway and film versions of “The Music Man.”

JACK CIVILETTO - Long-time WNY Blues guitarist/vocalist/band leader. Winner of many local music awards and seen around town performing as “Old Blue Eyes.”

GLENN COLTON - Highly regarded, popular children’s entertainer and a veteran of over 300 live shows in schools though out his 25 year career.

HIT n RUN – “Buffalo’s Premier Party Band” brings their high energy and immense local following to the event.

McCARTHYIZM - Alternative Rock Band will take its place in the BMHOF upon earning numerous awards for their original music and presentation.

moe. - Internationally known “jam band” that got its start at Broadway Joe’s.

RAVEN - Legendary 60’s band that established the “Buffalo Sound” that became nationally renowned includes Hall of Fame members Tony Galla, Jim Calire, J R Weitz, Tommy Calandra, and Gary Mallaber.

JERRY RAVEN - Godfather of Buffalo’s Folk Music scene and mentor to countless musicians that include a number of previously inducted BMHOF Members.

JOEY REYNOLDS - “Mr. Nice Guy”, also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Known for his groundbreaking work in radio – in Buffalo and nationally.

DR. LONNIE SMITH – Master of the Hammond B-3. After setting the standard internationally, he returns to confront his humble roots on Buffalo’s East Side and takes his place in the BMHOF.

The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame was founded in 1983 to recognize groups and individuals who have had a significant impact on WNY music and/or have achieved success in the music industry on a national or international scale. The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame annually recognizes these outstanding Western New Yorkers at its annual induction gala.

Bob Silvestri, Chair of the Nominations Committee of the BMHOF notes, “This year’s class ranges from performers who have become internationally renowned to long-time mainstays of local music.” Members of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame from previous induction classes will be in attendance to honor and induct the Class of 2009.

Co-chairs of the event include Patricia Kirisits and Richie Derwald. For press information contact Rick Mathews, President of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame at 716-400-8934 or

The Board of Trustees of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame is seeking new members and those interested in sponsorship opportunities, supporting membership or board membership should contact Rick Mathews 716-400-8934 or email us at:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Lady Peace: Molson Park: Lockport Sun & Journal: Thom Jennings

July 05, 2009 12:43 am

LOCKPORT: Our Lady Peace masterfully blends old, new
By Thom Jennings
Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

LOCKPORT — Arguably, Our Lady Peace was the most anticipated concert in this year’s Molson Canal Concert Series and one of the main reasons so many people I have spoken to comment on how great this year’s lineup is. OLP arrived in Lockport to kick off a major tour in support of their forthcoming “Burn Burn,” which will be released July 21.

Highlighting new material is often a challenge for artists because many concertgoers only want to hear familiar songs, but OLP did a masterful job blending the old with the new. Of course, they had an audience that most bands could only pray for. If there were such a thing as a sell-out crowd for a free show, then OLP played to one.

They hit the stage at 8:40 p.m. and upon seeing the massive crowd, lead singer Raine Maida said, “ Oh my God, I think we’re in heaven,” after which the band opened with an updated version of “Naveed,” the title cut from its first album. Next was an extended version of “Superman’s Dead,” from their second album “Clumsy,” during which Maida urged the crowd to sing along and the massive crowd obliged.

It did not take long for even the casual fan to realize this was a special night for OLP. Standing in front of a backdrop displaying the cover of “Burn Burn,” OLP hardly seemed like a band that has played fewer than half a dozen shows in the past three years. New songs like “Monkey Brains” and “Paper Moon” were only distinguishable because the majority of crowd was not loudly singing every word of them.

A person standing near me remarked that OLP was “the best band ever to play Lockport,” a heady claim, considering the talent that has come through the area. I will say that OLP was one of the most polished bands I have seen in many years. Raine Maida is the consummate front man, combining vocal prowess and showmanship that is truly sublime.

OLP closed their set with “All You Did Was Save My Life,” a new track from “Burn Burn” that has been available on the Internet for the past few weeks. Closing with a new song was a bold move, but it worked because of the strength of the song.

The band returned the stage playing three encores, closing with a rousing version of “Starseed,” during which Maida jumped into the crowd.

Raine Maida gave a tremendous performance, and he undoubtedly did not disappoint the many fans in attendance. Nonetheless, it is important to note the work of the rest of the band, including Steve Mazur, the guitarist, who did not miss a note, and the flawless rhythm section consisting of Jeremy Taggart on drums and Duncan Coutts on bass.

Right before I left the show, a person said to me, “You better write a good review of this show.” A good show deserves a good review and OLP certainly deserves a good review after tonight. Before I left, I thanked Mayor Tucker for bringing these shows to Lockport. Two weeks, two excellent shows.

Contributing reviewer Thom Jennings is an Albion resident.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Floozie: See You Later (Buffalo, NY)

Floozie is fully experienced by their live, raw performances, yet on their 2009 release, " See You Later", they redefine that untamed freedom found in the current Western New York indie scene.

Floozie is: Jim Schwartz: Vocals and Guitar, Marty Schebell: Bass, Mike McGranor: Lead Guitar/Vocals and Mr. Sam: Percussion. Selling out auditoriums, Floozie has shared the stage with: Sponge, Theory of a Dead Man, Default, The Trews, and Soul Asylum. The richness of Floozie's lyrics, mean guitar riffs and folklore behind various songs, crowned them with notoriety of being experimental and influential.

"Holding On For Nothing" slams you head first into dirty riffs with alternating echo chamber vocals: "I always try to sort it out / but find myself full of doubt / I'm holding on for nothing /and I'm begging you please / can't you see the scrapes on my knees." This tune is punk, blues, funk, and rock and roll all in one.

The eclectic diversity of "See You Later" is found on, "Electric." The intro is pure driven punk: "You're electric / so let me turn you on", interspersed with harmonica and blues. "You never know what you might find / all you gotta do / all you gotta do / is open up your eyes." Keeping true to harmony through guitars and driving percussion, "Electric" alternates between pop and blues.

"Whatchya Say", features slide. Imagine a track screaming: "Whatchya say/ What your saying / What your sayings not me" with mad precision on percussion, guitars and vocals simultaneous. Musically, "Whatchya Say" is one of those "must see live" Floozie tunes.

This album is proof that Floozie yet again comes out with something uninhibited, meaty and passionate. Lyrically, melodically and instrumentally, you get a taste of punk, blues, rock and roll, and pop in one album. Floozie can be reached at myspace. Check out where they are performing thanks to All WNY and Big Jack Productions.

Floozie is on rotation at 97 Rock, 103.3 The Edge, 107.7 The Lake (with an interview) and were named 97 Rock's Artist of the Month. The first track, "Holding On For Nothing" is irony at best. Floozie fans have been holding on, yet most certainly not for nothing.

© Susan Marie
New York USA