Friday, March 27, 2009

Buffalo's Own: America's Got Talent

(Buffalo, NY) On March 15, 2009, classically trained pianist Lenny Revell, arrived in New York City to perform for NBC's "America's Got Talent." Revell was invited to first round auditions at The Jakob K. Javits Convention Center on 35th Street and 11th Ave. Upon checking in, Mr. Revell met with Riverworks Records before his scheduled performance.

Asked to play only cover songs for the audition, Revell tanked out Jerry Lee Lewis' "Great Balls of Fire" followed by Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come" gaining the respect of three ancillary judges present. After discussing venues in Buffalo, Lenny was introduced to the President of Zero Burn Records, Buffy Rouse.

"I am excited to travel and take a chance with my music", said Revell. "Performers often have to step outside the box, you never know who you will meet or where a simple connection may lead." When asked about his chances appearing on TV, Revell said, "That is not my end goal, I hope I make it but the people and producers I met while in NYC are invaluable resources."

"America's Got Talent" is a hit summer series premiering its third season on NBC in June on Tuesdays. Presented by "American Idol'" producers, "America's Got Talent" showcases performers at the forefront of American culture presided by judges David Hasselhoff, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan.

Simon Cowell's SYCO Television, Cecile Frot-Coutaz ("American Idol"), Georgie Hurford-Jones ("Britain's Got Talent"), Jason Raff ("Clash of the Choirs") and James Sunderland ("Dancing on Ice") are executive producers.

Lenny Revell can be reached HERE and to sign up to his email list. Revell has performed all over Buffalo and Western New York, NYC, Florida and Toronto. One of Buffalo's own musicians has a chance to appear on NBC, as well as working with several International multi-media companies in conjunction with Simon Cowell.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Concert From The Heart: Working Together To Make A Difference

Van Taylor, legendary musician, Armed Forces Entertainment and Educator in Music Business, has traveled globally for over 25 years entertaining the troops. During his trips, he has witnessed hunger and homelessness first hand on a grand scale. Since the economic downturn in Western New York, Mr. Taylor has seen more problems with people going with less or nothing in his own backyard of Buffalo, New York.

Van approached Michael Billoni, Director of Public Relations for The Food Bank of Western New York and Ron Daniels, President of The American Federation of Musicians Local # 92, with his vision to create a concert of local musicians performing with The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. Van wished proceeds to benefit The Food Bank of Western New York and The Buffalo City Mission: Two organizational staples that contribute to many smaller organizations in Western New York. Upon approval from all involved, Van quickly put together a team of professionals to promote and perform in order to see his dream come to fruition. This became, "Concert From The Heart."

Van Taylor is a tireless supporter of arts, education, awareness and most importantly, ending world hunger. He produced a CD entitled, "The Hunger Project", where all proceeds go directly to The Hunger Project, an organization currently fighting Global World Hunger.

The British Broadcasting Corporation will do a LIVE interview on the evening of March 17, 2009 from Buffalo, New York to the entire world on World Today BBC. Nina Robinson, multi-platform for the BBC, wishes to interview Michael Billoni and George Scott, President of The Historic Colored Musicians Club, who is performing that night with The George Scott Big Band. Nina requested music during the broadcast and Van Taylor's original, "A Nice Day" from "The Hunger Project" CD is going to be aired LIVE during that interview.

Van conceptualized one form of sponsorship: Angel Sponsors. An individual or company able to purchase tickets and donate them for people who cannot afford to attend. This aids in getting people to Kleinhans, it helps a child attend a beautiful concert, it opens doors to art, music, all genres, to community and culture. The proceeds from this event also go towards an Erie County High School music scholarship. In addition to helping organizations, this event is helping children realize a dream otherwise out of reach. A team of hardworking people, living and working in Western New York, have been going non-stop in order to make this a complete success.

This is an historic event and it has never occurred in Western New York and the fact that The BBC is taking notice is immense. Buffalo will be put out to the world in such a positive light. We are the "City of Good Neighbors." Finally, the world will get a chance to see that.

Today, tomorrow and in the coming months, if there is no support for The Buffalo City Mission and The Food Bank of Western New York, there will be no places to go to in order to feed or clothe people. This is a fact. It is due to the support of both organizations that pantries, churches, soup kitchens, and community centers are able to get assistance. This is a time for all of us to help each other. It is a time of great change. Today is a time for us to work together to make a difference. In the words of Van Taylor himself: To Care for the Least of US, is to Care for All of US. © VT 2009

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To Contact Van Taylor:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Interview with The BBC: Nina Robinson (UK)

While in the process of e-commissioning my radio show for the BBC, I came across a feature on the website entitled, "Your Story." In 2008, I was speaking with a United States Army soldier from Buffalo stationed in Iraq and I had wished to tell his story. I emailed the synopsis through the website and Nina Robinson emailed me back. I kept in contact with Nina and decided to send her press I had written regarding "Concert From The Heart."

The British Broadcasting Corporation became interested in the vision behind the entire event. On March 17, 2009, a presenter from World Today Radio will be interviewing two representatives involved in this venture. After speaking with Nina, multi-media platform for World Radio BBC, she described to me her focus behind The BBC's decision to concentrate on Buffalo.

"The BBC World Service's Today programme is interested in talking with George Scott, President of The Historic Colored Musicians Club and Michael J. Billoni, Director of Public Relations for The Food Bank of Western New York, said Nina Robinson. "We will be talking to them LIVE on the evening of March 17, 2009. This music event in New York brings together musicians from different walks of life - jazz, classical, even street (B Boys) - all for the purpose of helping the poor in tough economic times. It's like music healing rifts."

Nina concluded by saying, " We would like to hear a burst of music and talk about why music from across the divides have teamed together with charity - to find out why they've come together and what they can achieve with this collaboration and whether it's a sign of a new era - Obama's America?"

I am pleased to say that the music being introduced during this live broadcast will be Van Taylor's, Taylor Made Jazz original, "Sit Back" along with The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. This concert is the first of its kind in Western New York joining classes of all people, musicians and organizations. On the night of March 17, 2009, and archived online at the BBC Website, you will be able to listen here: BBC World Today.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Old School B Boys: A Closer Look (New York)

The Old School B Boys (B for Butler Avenue) have been an R&B group since March of 1999. They have been invited to Rochester, New York and events such as: Juneteenth Festival of Buffalo, The Annual Pine Grille Reunion, The Taste of Buffalo, M&T Bank Concert Series and televised on Time Warner's "Crossroads." They have had the fortune of opening up for National acts such as: The Manhattans, The Delfonics, Goodman and Brown and Roy Ayers.

The Old School B Boys are:

Marcus Brown: Bass vocalist from Buffalo, New York. Marcus began in 1962 with church and R&B groups. Performances include: The Tennessee State Chapel Choir, The Omnipotent's and The Elegants. Marcus earned his B.A. Degree from the University at Buffalo and his Master's from Buffalo State College.

Allen Carrier: lead and first tenor, Allen began his musical career in 1968 with the Soul Searches, The Premiers, The Fabulous Innervisions and The Uncle Funk Klan. Allen has his Associates Voice Major Degree from Villa Maria College in Western New York.

Duane Madyun: Duane began his love for singing in 1965. His baritone voice brings a soulful sound to the musical background of the group. Duane sang with The Four Flames in the 60's and has enjoyed R&B for nearly 40 years. Duane is the owner of a Financial Service Company and resides in Buffalo, New York.

Chalma Warmley: lead and second tenor with over 40 years musical experience, Chalma sang with The Tennessee State Chapel Choir. The highlight of his musical career was an opportunity to play drums with R&B singer, Shirley Brown and blues extraordinaire, Chic Willis. Mr. Warmley teaches the basic rudiments of percussion to youth daily at The African Culture Center in Buffalo.

Chauncey Northington: with a fantastic voice, Chauncey is a wonderful addition and the youngest member of the group. Chauncey has performed with various artists and hails from a strong musical background.

For booking info: Duane Madyun 2288 Main Street Buffalo NY 14214 (716) 583-3482 F: 716- 884-2526 and

You can see them perform March 17, 2009, 7pm at Kleinhans Music Hall Symphony Circle during a benefit performance, "Concert From The Heart." Proceeds to assist the Food Bank of Western New York and The Buffalo City Mission. For ticket info: Doris Records (716) 883-2410 and Kleinhans Box Office: (716) 885-5000

To take a closer look at The Old School B Boys, visit the website above, get a hold of Duane and contact Kleinhans to attend on the 17th of March.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Lance Diamond: Lancification (New York)

Entertainer and Showman - The Incredible Lance Diamond is a legend in Western New York. There aren't many entertainers that can boast of fans from more than one generation. People remember Lance from shows at the Executive in the mid 70's. Today's generation know him as the guest vocalist with the Goo Goo Dolls. All generations still go to see him perform today and consider him the best dressed and the hardest working showman in Buffalo Music.

Lance has one thing on his mind and that is to entertain beyond the best of his ability. Lance started performing in the 70's with the New Breed. During the 70's and 80's he traveled across the U.S. and Canada. He also traveled to Japan with Isaac as The Lance Diamond Show. During this time he opened for such national artists as James Brown, The Righteous Brothers and many others.

He came to the attention of a new generation of fans when he recorded with the Goo Goo Dolls on "Down on the Corner" and "Never Take the Place of Your Man" with the Goos for Metal Blade, Warner Brother Records. In 1995, Lance was featured on MTV with the Goo Goo Dolls to raise AIDS Awareness for the "No Alternative Album", along with Soul Asylum and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, performing the Rolling Stone's classic: "Bitch". This song has made an appearance online International.

Lance has also recorded his own CD's, "Gold", "A Lance Diamond Christmas", and is currently in the studio recording his CD of originals titled "Lancification." Lance engages his audience like no other. His shows are highly charged non-stop motion, his golden voice and platinum wardrobe have won him a devoted following of which he so lovingly refers to as his family. People travel from miles around to be taken in by the warmth and the style of a Buffalo Legend. Lance can be seen at The Seneca Niagara Casino Hotel every Friday 6 - 9:30 pm and The Elmwood Lounge every Saturday 11:30 pm - 2am.

Lance has entertained in every major club in the WNY area and toured the world with the USO entertaining troops. He has been a featured artist at Buffalo's Thursday at the Square, the Buffalo New Years Eve Ball Drop, and the Taste of Buffalo. Lance has been featured in Time Warner commercials and made a national appearance on A&E's (Arts & Entertainment Television) show " Confessions of a Matchmaker during 2007. " Lance also has the # 1 radio show on Saturday night in WNY. "Saturday Night Fever with Lance Diamond" airs every Saturday night on WJYE 96.1 FM from 6pm – 12 mid. Lance received the Al Tinney Award for Outstanding Career Achievement, Top Male Vocalist, 2009 Radio Personality of the Year, Entertainer of the Year, and The Legends Award.

You can see Lance perform on March 17, 2009 at 8pm Kleinhans Music Hall to Benefit The Food Bank of Western New York and The Buffalo City Mission for "Concert From The Heart. Tickets at box office Kleinhans 716-885-5000 and Doris Records 286 East Ferry 716-883-2410.

For more info:,,, and 716-885-4848 for bookings and entertainment. Lance is an inductee of The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame and The City of Buffalo named November 23rd as Lance Diamond Day. This is one performer you most certainly do not wish to miss.

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Type Relevant: A Closer Look (New York)

For nearly a decade, Type Relevant has been captivating audiences leaving them mesmerized and wanting more. Type Relevant is a powerhouse trio that can impress a wide range of crowds with a blend of jazz, funk, blues, and hip-hop, increasing revenue and patronage at any venue. Originally a duo, the group formed in 1999 featuring Brian Herlihy (Relevant) on bass, guitars, and vocals, along with John Hunter (TypeNice) on drums. The two met while playing in Hutch-Tech High school's jazz ensemble and quickly meshed their sounds to create a fresh style of their own. Type Relevant's first shows were in 2000 in South Buffalo and Downtown Buffalo. During this time, the band acquired a wealth of local and regional support. As their unique sound blossomed, so did their networking skills and community activity. As a result, Type Relevant is well known for both their musical and promotional abilities.

In 2007, during a show at Broadway Joes, the band asked a local lyricist by the name of Mamaudu Kargbo (Mad Dukes) to come on stage to improvise with them. There was an instant connection as his lyrics correlated naturally with the live instruments. After their third amazing performance together, the duo offered Mamaudu an official position as Type Relevant's new front man. In 2008, Type Relevant featuring Mad Dukes began a successful year playing over 50 shows during many weekly and monthly performances. Sponsored by Deep Thinka Record's and Scion USA, the trio ran a successful weekly showcase at Merlin's of Buffalo for 20 straight weeks. Although most of these shows took place during the cold winter months, an exceptionally large crowd always turned out for the highly energetic performances. Later, the group was invited to perform on the main stage at Buffalo's own "Music is Art" festival, organized by Goo Goo Doll's bassist Robby Takac.

Type Relevant also opened the first day's events at the 15th annual, three day long, "Blind Baby's Holiday" festival in Heartland, NY. Highlighting the band's networking ability; Type Relevant booked every single hip-hop act for Buffalo's Infringement Festival during the summer of '08. The trio also founded the "Biannual Battle of the Hip-Hop Bands" at Nietzsches on Allen Street in the city of Buffalo.

John and Brian are available for all jazz, blues, and funk gigs, and can be seen playing around the Buffalo area at their monthly jazz spots. During these shows at Mode Urban Bistro, and Papaya, the original duo is accompanied by classically trained vocalist Gabriella Carlo, and concert pianist Richie English. Type Relevant is available for booking at the above score.

For booking info: Brian Herlihy 716-

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Friday, January 30, 2009

illuminatus: The Wrath of the Lambs UK

Straight from Ministry's UK Final World Tour, followed My Ruin's UK and Ireland Tour, illuminatus brings us their new release, The Wrath of Lambs. Nationwide on Anthill/Pinnacle Records, illuminatus has a 2009 European Tour beginning in Italy, then DarkFest in Bologna. illuminatus made their way to the finals of FameCast and were flown to Austin, Texas broadcast live to millions. Illuminatus to date, is the only non U.S. band to achieve this.

illuminatus is: Julio Taylor: Vocals/Guitar, Felix Rullhusen: Percussion, Jon Martin: guitars and Leo Giovazzini on Bass. Their mass of loyal fans, high energy performance, and driving rhythm allowed them to share the stage with: Children of Bodom, Dragon Force, NightWish, Paradise Lost, and Saxon and Skindred.

They have appeared live at UK's Bloodstock and Bulldog Bash, and collaborating with producers such as Harvey Birell (Therapy?, Ministry) and Pete "Pee-Wee" Coleman (AC/DC, Black Sabbath) drew them comparison to bands such as Anathema and Paradise Lost. illuminatus is the ultimate National/International Alternative Band.

A lover of both metal and rock, this 9 track CD is a must have. Every single tune is a power play. Dark sarcasm is present in guitar riffs with maddening percussion reminiscent of 1970's metal rock. The title track, The Wrath of Lambs is a stadium anthem. Julio and Jon keep the starkness alive with Leo on one mean bass. Felix brings it full circle keeping everyone in check. This is a rock instrumental.

Emotion Sickness brings me right back to days of Megadeath, Metallica and System Of A Down. This is by far, my favorite tune. illuminatus manages to intertwine vociferous instrumentals with vocals ranging from soft spoken to wailing. It begins full force and lays it low in between surprising you when you least expect it. This is a hit, standing only behind The Wrath Of Lambs.

Captive State
is a tune that deserves video behind it. illuminatus paints a picture of the state of all nations. They present here the essentials that enforce all famous rock bands. Simplicity and perfection.

This a CD you never wish to cease listening to. Recorded in Nottingham, The Wrath Of Lambs is innovative, raw and what the entire music scene is in desperate need of. Check the guys out my space: and:

Melodic, heavy and intellectual, illuminatus threatens to change the face of music. Join the Revolution, before it passes you by.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Michio: Así nada más (Germany)

Michio has performed at renowned flamenco and guitar festivals in Germany and abroad. He also performed at the world-famous Festival de Flamenco in Jerez de la Frontera in 2007, the first non-Spanish guitarist ever to be invited there. In May 2007, Michio went back to his classical roots, from The Vienna Conservatory, where he interpreted the famous Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquín Rodrigo. His latest CD Así nada más was released with Alameda Production in 2008.

Michio is a guitarist and sought after composer coming to us from Düsseldorf, Germany. He tours Europe and Japan with his Michio Flamenco Project (guitar, bass, vocals, shakuhachi, percussion). He wrote and performed stage music for contemporary dance adaptations of Federico Garcá Lorca's Das Haus der Bernarda Alba and VergissMeinNicht, both directed by choreographer Mei Hong Lin. To date, Michio is the only German artist nominated for The Hollywood Music Awards World Category for his single, Ignition.

Así nada más, Michio displays a global flamenco style in Ignition. He has an absolute understanding of his art in this song. The vocals are a beautiful addition to his playing. Michio manages to go from basic chords to energized strumming to a rapid fire flash of chords in seconds. His playing is magnificent, new, fresh and meditative.

Patito feo is an upbeat classical acoustic tune. The 2nd track on this CD, this is one to get you up and dancing. It is reminiscent of romance, the night. His playing is insurmountable here, speed is redefined through the harmonics and chord structure of Michio.

Viento de cara is beauty. The soft slow progression of acoustics is peaceful. Michio, although playing quite rapidly, manages to bring his guitar down low. The vocals here are in direct response to his playing, much like opera. Listening to this is akin to a conversation between one voice and a guitar, not knowing which is which.

This entire CD is beyond typical guitar playing, let alone flamenco. This is music to relax to, drive for hours with, dance to, work alongside, love with, and most importantly; to soak up the gifted presence of Michio.

If you play, wish to or are an aficionado of music at all, you need to get this CD. Please go to: Michio is well aware of the difference between playing and feeling. He is one with his guitar, allowing the listener to become an active part of his 12 track dreamscape entitled, Así nada más.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

MENEW: Of The Future (Canada)

Menew comes to us from Toronto, Canada where they began their study of music. Pronounced Men-u, they have shared the stage with U2 on their Vertigo Tour, worked with Rick Parashar (Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi), and Scott Mathews (Elvis Costello, Eric Clapton), as well as shooting a video with Hans Uhlig (George Lucas' cinematographer) while still in their twenties.

Menew is: Shade: Vocals/Guitar, Key: Piano/Synth and Nathan Samuel Philip: Percussion and backing vocals. They released their latest CD Of The Future on the RedCore Label while kicking off the NxNE Music Fest in Toronto. The NARAS Committee placed Of The Future on the short list for 4 Grammy awards including: Album of the Year, Best Rock Album, Best Performance by a Duo or a Group and Best Video for their single, This Isn't Real.

The title track, The Future, begins with an eclectic mix of driving percussion and mean guitar riffs that transcend into perfection with the additon of vocals. The harmonizing is pristine. Shade's guitar and Nathan's drums meld, only to rise then fall with Key stepping in with subtle piano. This tune is a hit, this is the one that will have people grabbing this CD, seeing them in concert and on the radio. It is simply . . . what music is bleeding for.

The first single, This Isn't Real, manages to take that perfect mix of pop and rock and make it their own. This tune is reminiscent of the early days of MTV where music was raw and unfiltered. Upbeat, pure and thunderous, Menew thrives on reviving an endless sound, one that the industry is in desperate need of. Check out their YouTube Channel: Video is top notch and absolute.

Heaven Knows, enters with a military drum roll continuing throughout. Keys march in much like an organ or harpsichord. Vocals join the two in this requiem of sorts. Heaven Knows is a testament to something lost, left behind, a look to the past. The funeral march technique applied is sufficient for the content of the tune. It sets you up for melancholy yet is far from sad. A harmonica cries during the end. The diversity of Menew is outstanding.

The Official 2009 Of The Future Tour is under way with an appearance on David Letterman. Check the website for more information: and myspace: I am in awe of these guys and their music. I have not stopped listening since they sent me the CD. This is what music is meant to be, contrary to the title of the first single. Menew IS . . . 100% Real.

This IS . . . Of The Future.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Music of Michael Horsphol (Australia)

Lu'Ella Unveiled: A New Earth Rising

Michael Horsphol brings us originally composed music in his 8 track CD entitled: Lu'Ella Unveiled: A New Earth Rising. He gives his inspiration to nature, the countryside of Northern Tasmania, Australia. Michael is inventive, using digital multi sampling of acoustic orchestral, ethnic instruments and choirs. Artwork, composition, mixing, and production is done solely by Michael who has completed soundtrack work for film productions.

The first track Lu'Ella Unveiled is an orchestral vocal journey seated in a dimly lit theatre simultaneously roaming the wilderness. Michael incorporates that soundtrack "feel" with additions of flutes, orchestra and vocals. It is reminiscent of nothing I have heard.

Gloria Natura is by far my favorite. This is a modern twist to the classical Ave Maria. This is the most calming peaceful song. Instead of taking away from old themes, as most modern does, Michael ADDS to this, bringing forth a "New World" quality that is missing in the original.

Blue Wings is stunning. This IS the gift of flight through music. The bass is full and rich, with a surround sound quick tempo as if you are in front of an orchestra. Listening to this sets me faraway over craggy embankments, on turbulent seas; to transcend this plane, inside a science fiction film, a forest glen, the sky. Blue Wings is a masterpiece.

Visit Michael by going to: and check out Lu'Ella Unveiled: A New Earth Rising. The jacket is phenomenal, emblazoned with a majestic sunset overlooking the vast sea. This CD is multi educational/cultural. It can be used for meditation, education in schools, college level digital track courses, and most definitely, for all spiritual enlightenment.

Lu'Ella Unveiled: A New Earth Rising is THE next soundtrack for a Major Motion Picture. This is fresh, exciting. It IS . . . Earth meets Cinema.

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