Monday, September 29, 2008

McCarthyizm ~ Victor's EP (New York)

Before the terms "underground" and "alternative" became mainstream, McCarthyizm was pounding out a blend of 60's garage and 80's rock with undertones of Celtic folk. Buffalo's own has shared the stage with the The Goo Goo Dolls, 10,000 Maniacs, Eddie Money, John Waite, They Might Be Giants, The Smithereens, The Proclaimers, Spirit of the West, The Crash Test Dummies, and Lowest of the Low.

This 6 piece rock/pop mix has traveled the Northeast enlightening Cleveland, Pittsburgh, New York City, Boston, Toronto and LA. They have earned numerous Music Awards and have taken Best Original Rock Band for 2006 and 2007 for the Buffalo Music Awards.

McCarthyizm consists of: Joe McCarthy: lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Paul Ceppaglia: guitar, mandolin, vocals, Dave Mucha: bass and vocals, Joe Suplicki: percussion, Helen Butler: fiddle and Nate Schneekloth on keyboards.

"Mt. St. Michel" begins with a sweet guitar riff that portray Joe's vocals pristine. Percussion, bass and keys follow melding a lyrical orchestration of language and history with Helen on fiddle spiraling you directly into a city of lights. "Victor's Morning" is an anthem. War like and tribal, lead in percussion causes one to raise that fist in the air. All members are represented and electric. Bass, fiddle, guitar, and keys scream simultaneous to a backdrop of cheers and shouts. This is rock, pop, and folk all in one tune.

These are only two tracks from the Victors EP.

Contact McCarthyizm at: and also on my space at:

McCarthyizm defies any genre. Every tune is different than the last, and to fully appreciate their talent to the fullest, grab this CD and listen to the lyrics. Each one of them stand alone musically with the ability to craft words into sound creating something that needs to be witnessed LIVE.

Scribe for the Tribe ~ Musick

Scribe for the Tribe is a local acoustic/electric power trio based in Buffalo. "Musick," was released in December of 2007. Scribe for the Tribe consists of: Charlie Forness on lead vocals, guitar/lyricist, Joe Garrigan on bass and Steve Wellenc on percussion/graphic design.

When I first saw them as a trio I became awestruck. If you have ever followed the progression of a single band, you build an inner sense of pride. Scribe for the Tribe has done just that for me. They are making it, have made it, and they are performing. It's phenomenal.

"Mess In My Wake" is where you get a taste of percussion. The reverb on drums with chord changes is ethereal. Lyrically, this tune takes you deep within yourself. "I sit around . . . I sit around now while my soul stagnates . . . I been around I been around while the world deflates . . . and I see the light . . . "

"Heaven" stands out from the rest on this compilation. This is a tribute to the one who shares Charlie's life. His wife, Nichole. Upbeat and jazzy, the listener is left with the notion that the act of of coming home is Heaven. The harmonizing here is lovely. This is pristine.

Scribe for the Tribe is essentially, an acoustic poet, a rock bassist and a metal percussionist combined into the force of one band. Each of them are prodigious musicians. Together, they create something quite singular. Poetry and jazz incensed with blues accelerated through metal.

Get a hold of the guys at: "Musick" is a masterpiece scattered with bongos, drums, bass, harmonies, acoustics, poetry and soul. To see them live is the only way to experience all of this combined.

Standing on the sidelines, I chronicle Scribe for the Tribe as unconventional, monumental and absolute.

Phantasm ~ Clever Cunning Actor

Platonic idealism is the theory that the reality around us is a reflection of a higher truth. The truth, Plato argued, is the abstraction. That abstraction, IS Phantasm. Get ready to enter a new realm. One that is powerful, intricate, and beautiful with clever colors dancing together in a pale moonlight.

Phantasm consists of: Steven Ross, lyricist, vocals, lead guitar; Jay Yachetta, percussion, graphic design; and Aaron White on bass. This trio has performed from Buffalo to Ohio and I was lucky enough to see them LIVE in Buffalo performing Clever Cunning Actor. Recorded at Disaster Studios in Erie, PA, this 12 track CD is phenomenal.

The fifth song on the album, "Two Left Feet," sets you on a roller coaster ride with a funky, jazzy back beat. This tune is ripe with continuous movement interspersed with hard rock, metal and turntables. Ross' vocal range is to be envied. In a second, he is able to switch from high-pitched screeching to low tone speaking. This trio is a powerhouse apparent in the chorus: "We've come to blow your minds, with our napalm flavor and rips of doom."

The 8th track, "Hey Star," is the path of all artists and corporate America. Yachetta starts us out with a laid back high hat with Ross on vocals and White growling in with his bass. As the tune progresses, drums, vocals and bass elevate in precision. When you listen closely, you can see how in tune the three of them are with one another. They are the same while performing. 100% in control.

"Divide. Conquer. Repeat." showcases all three of these talented individuals. This is my favorite tune. Ross leads alongside tones and turntables with White's steady bass. Yachetta jumps right along with the rise and fall of the vocals. All three of them are tight. Percussion is bold and tribal. This is an anthem.

The last track, "Polyethylene Death Dream," is a masterpiece. Rarely do you see musicians perform with an intense range of talent timing at 15:43. It is difficult to describe everything heard in this tune, let alone the entire CD. There are soundscapes throughout, especially in the end.

In order to experience the utter beautiful madness that is Phantasm, visit them at:

I suggest you do not miss them.

MC Vendetta ~ My 2 Cents In

MC Vendetta aka Janna Willoughby in collaboration with DJ Khemikil, the alter ego of Jessica Neilsen, joined forces as females extraordinaire to produce, "My 2 Cents In." This 12 track CD features Godfrey "G-Man" T, and "D.C." recorded in Buffalo NY and Swannanoa, NC, at North Carolina Warren College. Vendetta and Khemikil set you up for the ride of your life as you step out of your world into theirs. I present to you, MC Vendetta and DJ Khemikil.

This is "Velvet Krème".

"My 2 Cents In", is a poetic socio-political stance on the world viewed through genres such as rap, hip-hop, spoken word, vocals, and performance. With Khemikil on music and back up vocals, and Vendetta on the mic, they manage to meld boundaries many artists would not dare to venture. This is apparent in liner notes by Vendetta: " . . . we call it B-Low, where it takes so long for the grass to grow, and everyone you meet knows two people that you know and the winter takes so long it's all slow, with the snow, I grew up in the cold in this old, kinda rundown town."

If you have witnessed one of their performances, you are familiar with the 2nd track, "Memorize My Name." This is the trademark of MC Vendetta. On the 8th track, "Global Flow", Vendetta speaks of the state of the nation: "Organization stops globalization, and civilization needs interrelation, by my observation, across this fair nation, I see that we're run by some big corporation. We're supposed to be equal; we're supposed to be free, but America's chained to this box called TV . . ."

The 6th track, 'AntiTrust" is an anthem: " Believe what you want, believe what you must, Believe what you want and believe what you must, just look underneath when the stories get rust, for they must decompose and turn back into dust, for that's where we all came from, and that's all that I trust."

You must see a live performance. Vendetta is in a class of her own, as a woman onstage making waves with her poetry and voice. You can catch her at: Her personal website showcases her artwork, poetry, bio, handmade journals and photo albums at:

MC Vendetta can also be found at area venues and the Buffalo "infringement" Festival @: She is raw, she is real, she is Buffalo. Most of all, she is a poet and an artist who cares deeply about the state of our nation. Grab the CD, check out her artwork and get to the Infringement Festival.

Open your eyes to reality. This is MC Vendetta. This is DJ Khemikil.

Welcome to their world.

The world of "Velvet Krème "

Haale ~ No Ceiling

Haale is defined as: "Halo Around The Moon.' Of Iranian descent yet Bronx born, Haale (as in halle-lujah), released "No Ceiling" a melding of Persian mysticism with American 1960's dream wave psychedelia.

This 10-track disc features artists such as: Haale Gafori: vocals, electric guitar, lyrics, setar, Dougie Bowne: lyrics, Shahzad Ismaily: acoustic/electric guitars, electric sitar, bass, Mike Gamble: electric guitar, Steve Cohen: bass, Matt Kilmer: percussion, bass, acoustic/electric guitars, Doug Weisleman: electric guitar, bass clarinet, wooden flute, Christopher Hoffman: cello and Johnny Gandelsman on violin.

Haale has performed from France to Carnegie Hall sharing stages with Sean Lennon, Hugh Masakela and Odetta. This debut full length CD was co-written with Dougie Bowne, produced by Matt Kilmer and mastered by Fred Kevorkian. The art direction, photography and design are credited to Haale, Kevork Mourad, Matt Kilmer and Matthieu Mangaretto from Marseilles, France.

Fascinating aspects on this compilation lie in the lyrics. Haale sings in both Persian and English, inspired by Persian poetry. This is apparent in the 4th track, "Chenan Mastam", "Masti" meaning a state of ecstasy, intoxication and serenity and "Chenan Mastam" meaning "I'm so mast" as in "smashed on the great big everything" according to Vonnegut. Haale's deep-throated vocals combined with percussion bring you right into her realm. She flawlessly switches from English to Persian, equally erotic and enlightening.

The title track, "No Ceiling" begins with a rock n roll guitar riff. Haale calls out: "I go on my way, the feeling grows, no ceiling" with an orchestral unification of bass, drums and clarinet beside her. "Ay Dar Shekasteh" is entirely sung in Persian using lyrical poetry from Rumi. The bass, guitar, vocals and percussion place you in a different time while Haale soars: "Ay dar shekastah jaamah ma Ay bardareedeh daameh ma" Her music is meditative, spiritual, poetic, traditional and everything that is not today.

Connect to Haale at: to get her limited edition 10 track CD entitled, "No Ceiling." Connect to her my space, press, bio, store and tour schedule. The artwork on the CD jacket alone is stunning.

Ellen West ~ Preparing To Be Forgotten

While listening to Ellen West's CD, "Preparing to be Forgotten", I knew immediately that this artist would not live up to title of her 6 track debut CD. Preparing to be Forgotten was recorded at The Boathouse in the winter of 2006 in Buffalo. Ellen West IS Michele Buono or maybe Michele Buono is Ellen West. Either way, Ellen West is the alias Michele Buono takes on when playing solo acoustic shows.

The group Ellen West is composed of: Michele Buono as lyricist/lead guitar/graphic design with Jen Sojka on cello and Justin on piano. This is her solo debut, combined with session instrumentalists. Ellen is also a member of the band The Missing Planes.

Poetic influence is apparent in the manner that she titles her songs. It is reminiscent of the beats of the 50's. It is no surprise that the name Ellen West is derived from a tune by Throwing Muses. This CD is akin to taking Joni Mitchell, Meg White, and Neil Young, mixing them with indie dreamwave folk then tossing in a bit of punk pop. Ellen's guitar chords are precise and her vocals are yearning and mournful in nature. Instrumentation such as piano and cello, and an echo chamber effect on Track 2 brings this CD full circle in getting her spirit across.

Track 3, "Great Escape," begins with cascading acoustics and cello, painting a musical landscape. Ellen's vocals compliment this piece beautifully. The cello cries along with Ellen's strumming. Mid song, the strings gain momentum followed by vocals: ". . . as if I've got some-thing . . . to prove."

Ellen's playing is mind blowing.

A slow, melodic pace can be heard in the 4th track, "Winning Isn't Everything." The piano adds a sing-songy dreamlike rhythm. Ellen bursts forth in the middle with: " . . . you've bro-ken a trust, now I'm at a loss." This tune is so peaceful musically, it's reminiscent of a lullaby, though lyrically it is quite solemn. Ellen plays with her heart and writes of her truth. This is, by far, my favorite on the entire CD. An instant hit.

Haunting yet sultry, "An Empty Room" is a ballad. The instrumentation brings a harpsichord quality to this song. One gets the feeling that notes are being played off key when indeed everything is composed in complete perfection.

Connect to Ellen West by visiting: She is a rare breed and far surpasses mainstream acoustics. Ellen manages to meld classical into punk, erotica to pain, jealousy to love, and hope into hunger in a mere 6 songs. Grab her CD and check out her band:

Prepare to be enlightened.

Grüvology ~ 1st Set

Grüvology grooves, they are jazz, funk and blues. Grüvology is an expression of modern jazz and world beat including a mixture of standard tunes and original compositions. The groove is apparent with or without a drummer. This is fusion.

Grüvology consists of: Walter Kemp III on keys, Bernard Kunz on electric guitar, oud and loops and Efferin Fuse on bass with the accompaniment of Tim Webb and Dave Phillips on percussion. Created May 2006 as the result of a duo performance by Walter and Bernard at Café Allegro in Buffalo, NY, Efferin was invited to a rehearsal and Grüvology was born.

Walter Kemp III took piano lessons from the age of 6 to 13 to later become a percussionist. At Virginia Union University, he completed studies in mathematics, returned to Buffalo at 23 and began playing keys. A strong desire to play gospel and jazz, Walter returned to piano at Music City. His first performance with a band was in "The 80s Reflex Band" Walter's influences include gospel and classics with an intent and passion to present music with technique and integrity.

Efferin Fuse began bass in 1997 with inspirations from local bass players Calvin Palmer, Christopher Bowman and Jerry Livingston. In 1998 he studied music at Villa Maria College and met Tim Webb who provided much encouragement to progress as a bass player. In 1999, Efferin was hired as a bassist at Calvary Baptist Church. From that point, he evolved as an artist and musician in order to inspire others.

Bernard Kunz started piano lessons in 4th grade yet switched to guitar in 7th. Kunz's interests lie in Jazz, groups such as Chick Corea and the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Bernard's major influences are the mid sixties: Miles Davis, David Murray, and John Coltrane. Kunz teaches guitar with Love Supreme School of Music and privately, as well. Bernard wishes to incorporate all influences in his compositions and improvisations.

Grüvology advocates the exploration of improvisational jazz along with a rhythmic pulse. They seek to perform for audiences that enjoy live, spontaneous interaction with musicians based on a solid "grüv".

Their latest CD entitled, "1st Set" is precisely what they were aiming for. This 8 track disc places you in front of jazz, funk, groove, classical, classic rock and mood. Produced by Grüvology, recorded and mastered at BFT Tapehouse in Buffalo, NY, "1st set" is a mixture of all base music with a nod to the present day beat. "New Beginnings" is laid back and jazzy with a fresh back beat of guitar, percussion and keys. A constant switch from composition to mood midstream, this tune feels like a Sunday afternoon.

"Slippery Slope" is Bernard on lead with Grüvology adding their own expertise to this experiment of sorts. This track has an ethereal feel to it, like a constant dream state. It is meditative in nature. "Include Rockin' Dennis" is upbeat with percussion apparent. This tune will get you in the groove. "3x+1" is a masterpiece. The title alone is an algebraic equation combining Walter, Bernard, Efferin and Tim. In order to fully experience where Grüvology is at on "3x+1" you need to grab the CD.

The artwork on "1st Set", designed by Dana Kemp, is a chemistry experiment mixed with mathematics simultaneously showing the calm nature of the band. Grüvology manages to take all art forms and produce music which can only be felt, seen and heard by seeing them live or grabbing this CD.

Check out: to connect with the guys, grab the CD and also their blog at:

I had the pleasure of having Walt, Bernard and Efferin in studio and they are the real deal. They believe in their art, have passion for music and this CD is a must have. You can catch them on Think Twice by scrolling down: and often at the Historic Colored Musicians Club and Café Allegro.

They are ever changing, always growing, constantly experimenting. Grüvology is art. In every genre. They are fusion.

If Paige Wins ~ Watered Down Confessions

There should be no question as to: If Paige Wins, more so waiting the day When Paige Will Win. This trio comes to us straight from Buffalo. If Paige Wins consists of: Lauren Clifford on vocals, lead/rhythm guitar, composer/lyricist, Shelly O'Neil on bass and Danny Gugino on percussion.

I first met If Paige Wins while doing a showcase at Club W for brutaliTEE where they were a featured band sponsored by Brutally Honest Management. Think Twice Radio wished to cover this event and get the Buffalo music scene and independent business out there and that is where this gem was hiding. I heard them on my space prior to this and as soon as the page loaded, I was enthralled. I was hearing something completely foreign. The type of music they play is not specific to any one genre. Usually astute at comparing what I hear to something that preceded, I was unable to do this with If Paige Wins.

They truly have a sound only they can claim as their own.

After the show at Club W, we went outside for an interview. They played the last set and I stayed because I had been dying to see them live and meet them. Lauren and Shelly immediately had a CD ready for me. The sleeve that comes with the CD is scribed with lyrics accompanied by photography taken in Buffalo. Danny filled me in on the history of the name of the band and how they had all met. It is highly impressive that their sound is derived from merely three people.

Their first full length CD, "Watered Down Confessions", was released in 2007. This is a MUST have for all collections. Lauren's soaring vocals are that of a modern day Janis Joplin coupled with the softness that is Joni Mitchell. Shelly plays the bass like "Geezer" Butler with a demonic buzz and to watch her hold that bass is entrancing. Danny's drumming style is powerful as that of John Bonham. Set behind both women, he sets the stage for one astounding performance. As soon as I heard them live, this concreted my initial intuition that they were most definitely going to make it.

Listening to the third track, "Still", brings me to Springtime in Buffalo driving with the windows rolled down, that free spirited good ole rock and roll interspersed with a tinge of folk. Shelly's bass growls here as Lauren serenades one who is horribly missed with Danny keeping time throughout.

"I'm not okay", stands out from the rest on this compilation for here you catch a sort of Cranberries meets Alanis. Lauren begins soft then builds meeting the bass and drums that rise to a crescendo with stunning guitar licks in between.

I happen to adore the acoustic guitar and in, "I didn't know", you get just that. This is a song intertwined with erotica and love churning this into pure bitter sweetness. The twin harmonies between Shelly and Lauren are angelic and the acoustic strumming is directly tuned with Danny's percussion.

If Paige Wins can be defined simply as: Perfection. Having formed in 2005, this CD shows their strength as a trio and best friends. The heights they reach musically in this FIRST CD cause me to wonder what else could possibly be created in order to outshine this?

Upon meeting them, you feel as if you are sitting down with your best friends. You cannot just buy the CD without seeing them live. The two go hand in hand. The emotionally charged lyrics streamed with passionate undertones of vocals, deep bass and percussion leaves one wanting more and questioning why they are, as of yet, unsigned.

Watered Down Confessions, can be listened to and obtained by visiting: You can listen to pod casts and interviews there which will allow you to meet each of them exactly as they are. Find out how they met, as well as the origin of the name of the band. In my eyes, the only place the three of them are headed is directly to the top.

Considerable shows are constantly played throughout Buffalo and I suggest grabbing this trio up quick before they land elsewhere. Get out, see them live and buy the CD because their rise is forthcoming. They are eager, excited and down to Earth. They are armed and ready to tear this world apart with a sound that IS singular and can only be described as: If Paige Wins.

The Gravity Thieves ~ A.Y.R.T.O.S.

Imagine the idea of a place that is free from gravity. Not necessarily opposing force, more so, the force of gravity to be made either non present or inapplicable. This would have to occur with the creation of an immense technological intervention.

I met The Gravity Thieves at Maggie's Lounge on Military Road in Kenmore the summer of 2007. I was attending a birthday celebration for their manager, Christine Wallace. The five of us had previously set up an in studio interview at Think Twice Radio and I had planned on meeting the guys and Christine and grabbing a CD beforehand. What I did not intend is to meet four of the most unique and sincere individuals that evening.

The Gravity Thieves combined are: J. Ryan K ~ Lead guitar/vocals/lyricist, Scott J. Harrington ~ percussion/ backing vocals and Adam Gassman ~ synth and bass. The Gravity Thieves have been going strong since 1998, yet these three men are responsible for what I refer to as a sit down with Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and Rush. The three of them formed the present day Thieves in the summer of 2004 and four years later here they are.

That night driving home from Maggie's, one of the two CD'S so graciously mastered by J. Ryan K. and handed to me by Christine, was heard for miles out of the windows of my truck from Kenmore to South Buffalo. I left the CD in my player until I came to write this review nearly six months later. Their music is that addictive.

The first tune I literally fell in love with was "Stay". As soon as you hear this 2nd track on their newly released CD entitled, "A.Y.R.T.O.S.", you will find yourself driving along belting out with Ryan:

"Hey, you blamed them already, what's your ex-cuse for to-dayyyyyy."

This song carries perfect rhythm throughout, all three of them prominent. Scotty's cymbals crashing as waves along with Adam's frenzied synth . . . "You blamed them already yeahhhhh."

J. Ryan K's vocals are intense with Scotty's high hat ticka ticka ticka throughout and a guitar solo that will set you on your knees. To me, the lyrics signify a change, as in you blamed everything else in your world now who is to blame but yourself?

The title track, "A.Y.R.T.O.S.", to which you must converse with the Thieves themselves to find out the answer to that acronym, is an instant hit. The synth is diabolical. Listen close, it may be hard to catch in between that malicious guitar and hammering of drumskins and sticks. J. Ryan K has a deep threaded growl when he bellows: "Turn your stereo . . . down, turn your media . . . down."

This is a plea for everyone to not only become aware but to act upon the atrocities occurring in society, government, media and everyday life. Truly a classic, one to get you hopping in front of that stage.

The fourth track, "Backwoods", is such a sentimental tune. It instantly brings me back to building tree houses and tents out of old sheets and being a child full of wonder. The chorus is alluring: "Have you ever wanted to be free."

Scotty even has a soft technique to his drumming style here and this is a comforting tune, one that makes you think of how guileless we used to be compared to what we have experienced as adults, yet never forgetting the good things. This lullaby is absolute beauty.

The first track on this compilation, I save for last, only because it MUST be last. "The General", is an epic tale of a man on a journey. I liken this to poetry or prose because it tells a story line for line without giving away the ending. Scotty's cowbell is bold throughout with Adam's synth that is as commanding and forthright as a military unit.

J. Ryan K. expels everything residing within shouting: "Freeeee-dooommmmm."

This is an anthem. A ballad that causes you to look deep within yourself and rediscover those parts of you that you lost or never quite knew. The man in this story is faced with most difficult choices. I shall leave those pages for you to turn.

After weeks of listening to the CD, I was hooked. This is the kind of music you can pop in while at the park, driving, at a party, anyplace. The back beat rhythms are constant and upbeat yet the lyrics are concentrated. The Gravity Thieves manage to create music that can be listened to by anyone, at any time while getting their ideals across lyrically.

You must see them out playing. Their stage presence is full toned. They are best friends and you feel that when they perform. If you have not gotten out to see the Gravity Thieves, check their my space at: and peek at the calendar, interviews and listen to music. Give them a shout and snag this CD because I am patiently awaiting more from all three of them. You can also visit their newly designed web site at: where you can view their EPK, photos, their shows and bios of each of them.

Out of all the interviews I have done, I must say, The Gravity Thieves are by far one of my favorites. It is an ongoing interview that never ends and I am glad for that. My wish for them is to keep climbing because they found what it takes years ago and today they have reached a pinnacle. I cannot wait to see them jump to the other side.

Imagine the idea of a place that is free from gravity.

I have no desire to imagine anymore.
I have been there and I plan on going back.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Elipsus ~ Changing History

Welcome to Elipsus... An intertwining genius of two musicians, Fox Salehi and Brent Persia, whom both possess an intense passion towards an innermost drive to succeed.

Elipsus began with Fox Salehi, who has played live shows in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Oxford, UK and met Brent Persia in the summer of 2005 in Buffalo, New York. They spent nine months mastering two CD's that eventually became, "Changing History."

Born and raised in Oxford, England, Fox Salehi traveled to America devoting his life to making music. He possesses intense political and social beliefs, which are heard in his passionate lyrics and bittersweet melodic vocals. Fox performs lead and backing vocals, pianos, synths, drum programming, as well as being a poetic lyricist. His wish is to send a message of freedom, democracy, peace, and equality.

Fox has written: " . . . people are the same wherever you go... the songs promote equality, protesting the widening poverty gap and the society neglecting those near or below the poverty line or in the third world . . . songs against war and prejudice, regardless of the excuse . . . songs inspiring people to open their minds . . . songs that reflect every tiny ounce of passion, conviction and belief we have."

Fox Salehi believes that every person, place and creature on this earth deserves the exact same respect, rights and love regardless of color, gender, nationality, political or sexual orientation. Brent Persia is a native Western New Yorker, a multi-instrumentalist, programmer, co-songwriter and vocalist, as well as being the mastermind behind the production and engineering of, "Changing History", their 34 track collaboration. Brent is a member of Elipsus, as well as a musician in his own right. He has played venues from Corfu to Niagara Falls. He also has his own studio where he meticulously produces professional tracks.

Musically, this duo causes a stirring deep within the subconscious to rise allowing one to let go of inhibitions regarding mores indoctrinated inside of us by society. This can be heard in a track entitled, "Denounce the Pacifist" which is Fox speaking of the Nuremberg trials immediately leading into "Song For The Terrorists...", a harrowing plea for people to rise and awake from slumber to become aware of the atrocities occurring throughout our world. The political nuances in most of the songs are attributed solely to Fox.

Brent can be heard on, "Because of You", an offbeat bass line accompanied by an alternative vocal twist. He has another astounding song I adore, entitled, "What Did I Do?" with multiple invocations coupled with astounding harmonics. They also do a tune called, "Fantasy", which is one of my favorites and an instant club hit arousing intense stirrings with a deep throated spoken word voice and bass boom beat which is playful and erotic simultaneously, bringing you that London pop feel.

The title track, "Changing History" with piano as a crescendo, rises as Fox's vocals bring you trailing higher with the background building, building allowing the listener to experience love, pain, laughter, heartache, love and regret altogether as an orchestral tribute to an extremely special soul. For a duo, both of these musicians far outweigh conventional music, bringing you a slight twist on all genres of music. From this 34 track CD, you will find something for everyone. I highly suggest grabbing this while you can; the both of them are going to soar quite far.