"You still are a beautiful, inspirational person. I've been through divorce, death of my father and your strength and insight helped me realize what means most is what I learned from those experiences. So happy to see you using your life experience to a field that needs people who are warm, smart, sincere and loving. You are all this and I'm fortunate to call you friend. Our world needs more of these people" 

 - Mike Hassett - a most treasured longtime colleague and human being  [On my change of career to Addiction Counseling & Behavioral Psychology]

* * *  

What people are saying about Shahada

"Shahada is a beautiful book of verse. The author clearly shows us that the role of a poet in society can be multi-faceted. On many pages she is healer: "Let me be the chalk that draws the outline...to your well being." On others, she is the inviting explorer: "Let us upturn rocks and minerals, where salamanders tend to hide..." The honest, discerning way in which this author takes in the natural complex world, decodes it for us, and then places it squarely inside the readers' reach is remarkable. In this increasingly crisis driven world, this is a volume I will turn to again and again for sustenance, a rare gift." 
- Theresa Wyatt, poet, visual artist, teacher

* * * 

"Amidst this World War III based on pure greed and inhumanity one needs real spiritual strength to remain normal and be patient!" 

- Dr. Anwar Haque, Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine 

* * *  

"Susan Marie exhibits sensitivity to human relationship I can at best dream without realization. At the risk of abusing this poet’s inspirational writing, I will exhibit pieces of what has moved me in Susan Marie’s joyful new poetry book “Shahada” (=to observe, witness, testify).

1. From the 10 page poem titled I Am: “I am the fairy-tailed children”
2. Depth of the love poem titled A Thousand Words, though desirous to snip, is too deep for me to steal a phrase.
3. Starting poem titled Everything: “Breath caught - within irises lined with silver gilt.”
4. Within the 8 page love poem Let Us Dance: “Michelangelo ... understood that meadows could not exist without hillsides that rise and fall with ecstasy and arrival”
5. From Let Me Be: “Let me be your laughter and tear.”
6. From Infinite: “Orchestral morning glories blanketed silence that deafened the sky, secrets, whispered, softly surrendered, victorious."

- Scott W. Williams, poet, spoken word poet, 
Full Professor Emeritus of Mathematics. 

* * *  
Interview with a Poet - South Florida Poetry Journal HERE

* * *  
"A great little collection by a beautiful person pouring her soul into poetry. A beautiful book, truly touching writing. I hope your words inspire many more people."  
- Tabitha Connelly-George, activist. 
* * *   

"Just an old soul, my dear friend. Just like you. That's why we met. You are a Point of Light that keeps me on my path. So refreshing..."

[in response to
"Metallic Gold, an Artist, a Friar and a Marine

- Patrick Mundus 
                                                  * * *
"Your story has me in tears, so beautiful when you are guided and then you get a message from the universe."

[in reference to "
Metallic Gold, an Artist, a Friar and a Marine]

- Marianne van Hamond

* * *

"I listen 
I hear the words she writes 
Deep in my soul 
They enter through my eyes and I feel them, gently 
slice open the hardened layer around my core 
My sweet fragile soul escapes, just enough to cause ripples across my skin. 
My hair stands at point, that wave of emotion pulled to the outside where solid fixed eyes can see... 
     I feel vulnerable. 
I relate. I feel her words. I feel the passion she feels in words. 
I can FEEL it. So calm and serenely beautiful, she shares. 
As those words roll over my eyes, and gently turn into emotion rushing and filling up my soul with immense gratitude, a light love fills me up and I am vulnerable 
     Sharing a smile from my soul 
Holding open a door. 
Kindness in its truest form, from one human to another.
She shared. 
I felt it. Deep inside me like raging water carrying me to this once blank page
I hope she feels it."

by Tabitha Connelly - George [in response to my poetry]

God Bless you sister. I sure do feel that. 

 * * * 
"Susan, this was beautiful, wow, I love how deep and emotional your writing is. It was a gift to listen to this.
Thank you."

- Paul Alfieri [musician, singer, songwriter] in regards to "I Have Known Hunger"

 * * *  

"I'm so utterly grateful for you Susie. You're like a gift especially wrapped up all for me. Like the universe sat down one day and thought what EXACTLY does she need now . . . hmmmm  . . . OK, here we go, boom!" 

- Haneen Khalid [poet, writer, activist]  

 * * * 
"Your poems calm me."

- Faiz Ahmad

 * * * 
"Writing is a fantastic way to tell my life story, you single handed inspired me to express myself. And I thank you my friend." 

- Ron Sorrento [Doc] Vietnam Veteran, Combat Medic 

 * * * 

"This is really inspiring and you are very brave for writing this for the world to see. It is sometimes really hard to be strong in the face of so much pain and anger, but it's necessary and I appreciate you for it." [On Racism in America]

- Al [Mogul]


 * * * 

"You write from your Heart because you feel what this world needs. It's as simple as that, dear Sue."

- Patrick Mundus

* * *  

"You are so talented. I can't express strongly enough how deeply I connect with your words. They move me to the point of tears, not tears of sorrow, rather joy because you put into words what the whisper of my soul screams each day. I write music and would love to compose a melody for this latest one."
- Renee Pigeon Sills [on Eulogy]
  * * * 

"I quoted the title of your work -- an American poet's work titled 'Divan' -- to exemplify two elements of postmodern and contemporary literature: the coming together not only of various bodies of knowledge (eclecticism) but of cultures as well and the "chutnification" of English."

- Professor of English Literature, Muhammad Ehtesham of Edwardes College, Peshawar

 * * * 

 "I want you to know how much I respect you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for sharing the Earth with me. Thank you for sharing yourself with me. I am so honored and touched by your gifts. I just want you to know how important you are. I love you dearly, Susan."

Shanna Atchley Shafer - Writer, Mother, RN, my dear sister and Troublemaker/Editor at Rebelle Society & SR Atchley  

 * * * 

Regarding Resolution to Change Columbus Day to Indigenous Heritage Day

"Nia:wen for advocating for our people! Sending all of my support from Akwesasne. Haudenosaunee students are going to be following right behind you!"- Chelsea Sunday Akwesasne, NY

- "Such a small request for a terrible injustice." - Dawn Orchard Park, NY

- "It is difficult to respect the discipline of history when there is so much effort to establish and institutionalize warped views such as the one represented by the celebration of Columbus Day. Please acknowledge reality by making the very loud, clear statement of changing Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day." - Venezia M. Appleby Buffalo, NY 

- "It's long overdue, especially in the Buffalo-Niagara region, so rich with Indigenous heritage" - Jeremy Maxwell Buffalo, NY 

- "Acknowledging the Native Americans in our country is long over due. Every year I teach why we have off for Columbus Day, and I share the truth about the impact it had on the people already living here. I teach kindergarten." - Kristen Mendoza Buffalo, NY

- "Native Americans were the first Americans, long before their land was even called "America". Christopher Columbus was the beginning of their demise. What a symbol of forward thinking it would be to honor those indigenous to this land!" - Joseph A. Wooten Nashville, TN

- "I do this [sign] in memory of my grandfather who moved to a reservation in Canada after my grandmother passed away, so he did not have to tolerate a government that disrespected his people every step of the way."- Elizabeth Miller Cheektowaga, NY

- "I belong to the Cayuga Nation, From the Six Nations of Indians. And strongly believe this would support the many native people who reside in Buffalo" - Valerie Ghosen Buffalo, NY

- "It is the right thing to do." - Henry Louis Taylor, Jr. Buffalo, NY  

- "Let's be one of the first few progressive cities to make this positive change, not one of the last." - Michael Martin Buffalo, NY

- "As an Indigenous Buffalonian of the Seneca tribe, this petition means a lot to me. The City of Good Neighbors deserves a day that respects and stands in solidarity with its Native peoples rather than one that perpetuates a horrible and damaging myth." - Xanthe John Buffalo, NY

- "As a member of the Seneca Nation and a future resident of Buffalo in the fall, I believe we should celebrate a day of local culture instead celebrating a murderer." -  Reesa Renee Abrams Salamanca, NY

- "WNY has a culturally rich tradition connected to the Native American people and we are in close proximity to many Reservations. This is what is next in the healing and evolution in our relationship with this community." -  Cory J Gallagher Lake View, NY 

- "I appreciate and affirm the countless positive contributions made to the world by inhabitants and descendants of the region that is now Italy. But celebrating a person who by his own hand wrote of his lust for murder, rape and enslavement does nothing to honor Italian Americans or anyone at all. All references to Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) should tell the truth. The entire truth." - Alex Mead 

- "In 1971 the US Congress under Richard Nixon granted the petition of Buffalo native Mariano Lucca to declare Columbus Day a national holiday. The nation owes far more to Native Americans than Italian Americans." - William Iannaccone Buffalo, NY   

- "Thank you Susan - I've posted this and hope that Buffalo will become an example for the rest of the country! Many other cities and towns are doing the same - Best regards to you and yours." - Indigenous Environmental Network

- "Wow - this is fabulous. I'll sign it and share. Let us know how it goes. Sometimes as individuals we feel like there's nothing we can do, but you've proven it only takes one to get a movement started. Great job!" - RememberNativeAmericans.org

"Thank you for contacting my office regarding this issue. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me in the future whenever I can be of assistance." - Assemblyman Ray Walter, 146th Assembly District, Williamsville, NY 

"I am First Nations with dual citizenship. Proud Band member from Six Nations." - Terry Hearn Hagersville, Canada  

"As an Italian American, I fully support this resolution. Honoring this gold hoarding, mass murdering sociopath is an offense to truly honorable Americans of Italian descent. The Columbus taught in our schools is a corrosive historical fallacy that undercuts American education, and forces our children to believe and mindlessly regurgitate a lie of genocidal proportion. Let us also not forget that the plagiarized honor of "discovering" a continent that had already existed for millions of years rightly belongs to this nations namesake Amerigo Vespucci!" - Paul Morgan Buffalo, NY
 * * * 

"So heart-wrenchingly brilliant. Thank you for sharing this and inspiring me in my own writing and self-expression."
[Reading "Rumi, Jake Sully, And A Starry, Starry Night."] 

- Stuzzi Palepu
 * * * 

"Wow, this is just beautiful. So perfectly written, it's actually really soothing to read. Seriously in awe of how your words instantly capture the eyes and heart of any reader."

[Reading "Rumi, Jake Sully, And A Starry, Starry Night."]

-Misguided Minx
 * * *
"It is so beautifully written. Thank you for writing and sharing such a beautiful piece - in my journal to inspire to me."

[Reading "Rumi, Jake Sully, And A Starry, Starry Night."]

- LotusFlower
 * * *

"Thank you fellow tribeswoman, Susan Marie. “There is a secret medicine given only to those who hurt so hard they can't hope. The hopers would feel slighted if they knew.” - Rumi 

"Rumi, Jake Sully, And A Starry, Starry Night."]

-Tarini Bauliya 
 * * * 

"Every word went straight to my bones."

- Angela Eden [reading "
Rumi, Jake Sully, And A Starry, Starry Night."]

 * * *

"Read it [The Stillness Of This Precious Night] for 1st time during a rough flare up [with Lupus] & knew right away other patients needed to hear those words. "“I am here, I am alive, I am awake, and I matter.” is my new mantra. *hugs*"

- Purple Gimp [Health Advocate]

 * * *

"Wow, great poem, great vision, well written, you are chosen to deliver by the greatest poet ever to put pen to paper, or thoughts to mind, or reason to rhyme. Stay on your journey Susan Marie. It is God's Will for you. In your poem, you gathered all the peace warriors together, and they showed their love for humanity with their lives. You my friend, are a peace warrior and that's why those words chose you, for they peered inside your spirit and saw your love for those who you are touching through your poems."

- Lonnie B. Harrell

* * *

"I read this [Waking Up To Consciousness] and the last line "I am a bastard child of a new world", well actually every line, sounded just like me. Good to know I am not alone, and today I felt really alone. So while you may be a bastard child, you've got a sibling. And I'm sure there are more out there.

Today I became frustrated with just not wanting to participate in this world everyone else is living in, and my answer back to my self is, that's because we are the frustrated ones that try for a while to look for something to satisfy our soul and when we realize we aren't going to find it here we begin to find ways to create the new world for ourselves. We are the parents of the new world, the creators who birth it into existence.

Glad to be here with you and to know I'm not the only one marveling at the pattern of bark on the trees and the way birds fly and how the stars at night make me feel. My heartfelt gratitude to the past, present and future

* * *

"I'm an avid reader of Rebelle Society articles and a friend shared your blog with me recently also. I blog myself, and particularly love poetry. Your words ring straight from the heart. They touch upon questions and thoughts one is often afraid to articulate, or instincts one can only express in verse sometimes. I could ask tons of questions, but more than anything I just wanted to reach out and connect. Perhaps I can learn more about where this tremendous, wonderful writing comes from."

* * *    
"Because of you, my heart says that I can also write poems."
- Altamash Khan

* * *   

"Your input on my writing that 10 years ago or however long was more encouraging and valuable to me than any other help to get at that time. You are light."

- Siren Ambush [River] 
* * *  
"I just have to say thank you for this [Eco] challenge, it is so fun to share what goes on in my mind and our household and to get ideas from like-minded people as well. There is a myriad of eco-conscious people in the world, but I don't think there is enough to reverse the desecration of the earth. We can do our part, though, and make a dent in it, being good stewards with what we have been given. It is the only way I can and will live." 

- Mary L. 

* * * 

"What really impressed me was how you got him [Raine Maida] to open up. It was not the usual bland rock-star interview, you really had some great conversation about their music and the music industry.

What really made your interview work was the conversational style.  A “professional” interview is predictable and safe but what I heard was the type of conversation every fan of an artist wishes they could have themselves, if they did not get tongue-tied and star struck.

Many people criticized David Frost as a fluffy interviewer and did not think he could get Nixon to open up, but Frost had a conversation with Nixon and that is why the interview worked."

- Thom Jennings  

* * *  

"Dear Susan, we at Maiti wanted to thank you. We are happy not that you are supporting us but because you have caused awareness with a large group of people against this inhuman issue of Human Trafficking which we must realize is A SHAME TO HUMANITY. 

We at the same time we want to thank you for choosing us. This drives us to work more hard and more responsibility has been given to us. With all our congratulations on being successful and thank you."

- Anu Radha Koirala 
* * *  

"Sue, you are an amazing person. You put forth such a helping hand with publicizing my show, I can't thank you enough. I feel like I met the right person at the right time because without you, my solo wouldn't be what it was. It was a great night, I wish you were there, over 200 people showed up and I sold a few pieces. That GUSTO write-up is amazing...Buffalo Rising...all of the publicity has been a blessing. I'm grateful for all of it, and that people like you, Elena, Colin, Marcus, etc. exist in this world. I just hope you know that everything you did for me is not going unnoticed and you will always be remembered for this."

 * * *   

"Susan Marie is a strong advocate for the Food Bank of Western New York. She has creatively organized music events and have asked fans to bring cans of food for the Food Bank. She has an incredible data base of media contacts and a great knowledge of the business. If you need to get the word out, she is the one person to contact."

- Michael J. Billoni

* * *  

"Wow! I really like your interview with Ray Manzarek.  It was really a great interview.  That was the BEST interview I ever heard with RAY. I'm a Doors freak." 

 * * *  

"Susan Marie from Buffalo, NY, the poem "ignorante americano" brought tears to my eyes, it touched me so deeply that I'm out of words, it was just beautiful and smart. You have a big fan."  

  * * *  

"Susan generates support for the Buffalo City Mission on an ongoing basis with benefits throughout the year and was the point-man in organizing and bringing the event, Artists United for Human Rights to life to benefit Maiti Nepal, an organization in Nepal that provides shelter, hospitalization, rehabilitation, and legal assistance to women and children who have been traumatized in the human trafficking trade. She is a true force for good in our community and is so deserving of acknowledgement for her contributions to making this a better community and a better world."

- Noa Bursie  

  * * *  

"Susan, I need to commend you on doing a great job of awareness on so many important issues. Thanks for using the internet for good instead of evil. You send out great stories that need to be seen and heard. Keep them coming. You always have my help and support." 

  * * * 
"Sue, You have a heart of gold, to know that each of us can be the torch bearer of light into the world of darkness. To hope that that light might grow, then enable others to see. Yet so many just don't understand, or fear what they don't understand except to fear and despair in darkness. You stand by your morals, something too few do these days."

Bruce A. McCausland
  * * *  

"Sue: A key person in the future of the Buffalo cultural community. You know who all the players are at the cultural level and how to contact them and that is extremely valuable." 

* * *  

"Thank you so much Sue. That was really a magic day. Thanks for your help and support. The base team arrived from Dakar in the morning of November 30th, their first stop in North America.

Despite heavy rain and cold temperatures, 1,200 people joined the team in a march across the Brooklyn Bridge to New York City Hall. More than half of those marching were youth, and the participants also included representatives from peace and social service organizations, unions, universities, and religious and cultural groups.

At City Hall, the base team was greeted by city council members and presented with a proclamation: www.youtube.com/watch?v=05ThF5exJFA 

David Andersson 
* * * 

"Hi, Sue, Was fun chatting with you; hope you enjoyed it. Can you send a CD of the program? I'd like the publicists to be able to have it in their files."

Ben Fong-Torres 

* * *  

"Dear Sue, It was such a pleasure to share this hour with you. We hope that the interview met your expectation. We are forever indebted to you for giving us this great opportunity to speak in the name of the victims of sex trafficking. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts." 

Brigitte and Jo
* * *  

"Susan has been invaluable in helping me promote my shows in Buffalo. Not only is she great at what she does; she really loves music and supports it wholeheartedly, which money can't buy. She rocks!!"

Dave Schulz 
* * *   

"Susan Marie, Your passion is that of a great leader. If the world could think like you, feel like you , and touch people's souls the way you do, then we would live in an utopian system of love, peace, and equality. Keep the ink flowing, you really say the most meaningful, and beautiful expressions from your heart. Write a book with your feelings inside, and let world in peace reside."

Lonnie B. Harrell

* * *   

"I just got done listening, that was incredible, and I have to add, one of the things Raine Maida said was very true, when he said if you hand him a guitar, he didn't care what time it was, he would play. Shortly after we got there, [Molson Park] about 2:30pm, all 4 of the band members hit the stage for about 40 minutes, I was very blessed to hear "All You Did Was Save My Life" and Paper Moon" along with a few others, not once, but twice in the same day, And to top it off, I got to meet Jeremy and Duncan. It was a concert event I will never forget. Once again, the interview was awesome, thanks for letting me listen." 

Ron Travis
* * *

"Dear Susan, Thank you for all that you do to support Share Our Strength's work to end childhood hunger in America."

Bill Shore

* * *  

"Susan, I loved your interview with Raine Maida, and thanks for playing Paper Moon. That was the best interview I've heard in forever. Amazingly awesome on both your parts."

Paul Osatczuk 

* * *  

"Thank you so much! Your review is humbling, Sue. I am grateful. Every massive blessing upon you and yours."

Elizabeth Mariani

* * *  

"Thanks to you and all involved in this wonderful, compassionate effort.  NIAF has been conducting an enormously successful national campaign to aid the people of Abruzzo, Italy. As part of this effort, we have guaranteed donors that every dollar we collect will go to the victims and their communities. In addition, we are working closely with the authorities and the embassy." 

James R. De Santis 
* * *  

"Susan Marie is a natural-born, go-getter. Her enthusiasm and heartfelt desire to be of service, combined with a tireless work ethic, produce astonishing results at whatever she undertakes." 

Christina Wos Donnelly

* * *   

"I often marvel at your passion and ability to get people excited over things. Both me and Allen Ginsberg look upon you as an angel headed hipster who burns for the ancient heavenly connection in the starry dynamo in the machinery of night."

Richard Wicka  

* * *    

"Sue, your follow through on detail, passion for your production and wonderful "thank you" notes set you far apart from many professional agencies and other promoters. Wishing YOU great success."

John Di Sciullo

* * *    

"Susan is a dedicated professional, with an eclectic sensitivity to and for the artist while conducting interviews and critiquing material. Susan has an open mind and open heart with a critical ear on any subject matter she comes in contact with. Susan's integrity give's her an honest edge for the people who read, follow and respect her work. Susan, keep doing what you do, the world needs more independent people like you." 

Van Taylor

* * *   

"Susan Marie has a foot in the music community along with a true respect and enthusiasm for everyone she covers. At first a fan, Susan is honing her chops in the industry by leaps and bounds. She is a good friend for any musician to have."

Elena Cala Buscarino 

 * * *    

"Working with Sue is amazing! She met Linda Appleby, the Buffalo Select Chorus director, and the very next rehearsal Sue was there, interviewing musicians, student members of BSC, Linda and myself. The next day it was all up on the web. Sue is committed, self- directed and professional; a breath of fresh air for a struggling arts program."

Susan Mann Dolce

* * *     

"Susan Marie has been the most dynamic, enthusiastic supporter of my work; she promotes above and beyond anything that should be expected. I want Susan Marie by my side for every project. She's worth gold."

Melissa Kate  

* * *     

"Susan Marie did a phenomenal job of media coverage for our special event with ten visiting Tibetan Monks. Susan came to our church and conducted at least six interviews for Think Twice radio, providing a great deal of insight into the significance of the event and the essence and spirituality of our church. The interviews were done by Sue with great care and professionalism. She also recorded a good portion of the sacred ceremony that the Monks shared.

Susan Marie's interviewing style is marvelous! She is a natural; is very down-to-earth and has a unique quality of being able to tap into the energy of each of her interviewees, making each conversation a pure delight to listen to. Sue's interviews are not only informative; they are also a wonderful means of promoting the arts and cultural projects and happenings throughout the Western New York area and beyond. Furthermore, Susan gladly offered and arranged to have a photographer come to our church to visually document this event. The results were amazing." 

Randy Atlas

* * *     

"Susan Marie is doing great things in the world for mothers, music, radio and women in the arts. We're grateful to be involved with someone that works so successfully and amplifies women's voices in the media."

Joy Rose 

* * *    

"We have the highest regard for your writing and you as a person."


* * *    

"All of your hard work and dedication is appreciated. You are a very talented Journalist, Marketing Executive, Radio Producer, and published author. I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors and I am very grateful for all you do to help us independent artists."

Amanda Nagurney 

* * *    

"Thank you, Sue! "

Roxanne Amico

* * *    

"Susan Marie had kept me informed and likewise has spread the word about literary events that I have organized. Her email notices are one of the many I get that I find interesting and useful."

Trudy Stern

* * *     

"An author, poet, promoter, engineer, and executive, are words that barely scratch the surface of a woman with the depth of Susan Marie. A true renaissance woman, she came and asked me initially to be apart of her show in Buffalo.  Since then, our dealings have developed into an incredible friendship where we have helped and supported each other to no end. She was, is, and always will be a courageous champion of the underdog in the Buffalo, and international market. Her heart is only matched by her tenacity, professionalism, loyalty, and insight. Anyone that has had the pleasure to have met her and worked with her has been graced with honesty and realness that is rarely seen in the entertainment business."

Lenny Revell

* * *    

"I've never met anyone as dedicated to promoting Buffalo's cultural underground as Sue. Sue has stretched herself across a variety of media to do whatever she can to call attention to the worthy artists, musicians, bands, clubs, charities, and events that would otherwise get limited coverage – or no coverage – in the major local media outlets. Sue's passion and intensity in promoting area events help to spread that same excitement to anyone she encounters."

Benjamin Kirst

* * *     

 "Sue is a fireball descended from heaven to light your artistic path. If you're looking for someone to offer you support in every artistic area where you need help, hook your reins to Sue and hold on for the ride of your life."

William Roetzheim

* * *     

"Sue Marie is the promo master. She has brought so much fabulous attention to my work that I cannot thank her enough! She has gotten me gigs, press, fans, coffee, you name it!"

Janna Willoughby

* * *     

"Think Twice radio host, interviewer, writer, and artist, Susan Marie is dedicated to her creative muse - and it is manifest in everything she does. I was interviewed by Susan.  It was one of the most enjoyable exchanges I have ever had, on radio or otherwise. Her natural and unpretentious manner, honesty, and integrity were refreshing. This quality allowed her to generate some of the most well suited questions that allowed the listeners to connect with my music and the craft of songwriting in a very engaging way.

Susan Marie's approach to communication, whether that entails conducting an interview or writing a review is one that demonstrates her passion for life as well as the arts."

Noa Bursie

* * *     

"Sue Marie is the MOST when it comes to public relations. I have not had anyone comparable to her expertise, knowledge of the business, contacts and general goodwill." 

R. Odell Northington

* * *    

"If there a word on the street in Buffalo about an arts or cultural event, Susan Marie has heard it and tucked into into the inboxes of eager Buffalonians. She did a supreme job publicizing Urban Epiphany, Buffalo's annual poetry marathon, and assisted in bringing the event to the masses through not one but two video broadcasts, as well as her own audio broadcast on ThinkTwiceRadio. Urban Epiphany never before reached so many ears and eyes. Thanks, Sue Marie!"

Celia White

* * *      

"Susan Marie, a powerhouse of energy, care, and relentless work ethic of optimism for all that she comes into. Susan Marie has given so much of herself in the helping out of others, and to get the word out of all the talent that exists here in Buffalo, and the Western New York area. Susan Marie has not only taken on the promotion of others and their work, but, also of my Buffalo Select Chorus, where she conducted interviews of my students in addition to recording various works of music being sung by my choir. She remembers all who show promise of real talent, and never forgets the "underdog", or the less publicized individuals, including my young adults, giving all who come into her presence, an equal chance of sharing in their individual attributes."

Linda Lombardo Appleby

* * *     

"A great vehicle to connect the artistic community and it's many happenings. I greatly appreciate all that you do."

Verneice Turner  

* * *     

"Susan Marie has truly opened doors for our band. She is kind, sincere and charismatic--all of which make her perfect for the field of press promotion. Her networking capabilities have gotten us exciting performance opportunities, award recognition and national press coverage. She is truly a gem in the press and media field. She keeps our performance calendar full. When Susan talks, people listen, and love what they hear and discover." 

Walter Kemp, III

* * *    
"Susan is a dedicated listener and a tireless supporter of the arts in Buffalo, NY. She seems to be everywhere at once. She has documented and advanced the work of many talented artists in Western New York. She is community minded and we appreciate her presence here."

Karen Lewis

* * *   

"Susan Marie "gets it" about creativity. She listens with care and mines your work for the core truths. And that is what she presents in her reviews. As a writer and practitioner of "spoken word" it is fascinating and gratifying to know what a listener takes with them. Sue's review of my spoken word CD eclectic was just that; fascinating reading and gratifying because, once again, she "gets it."

Marge Merrill

* * *   

"Susan, there is no Scribe for the Tribe without you. You believed in us and helped us expand out from the coffeehouses into the bar/club scene. My fellow Scribers were absolutely floored my your beautiful review of our record and live shows. Thank you so much for everything you do in the Buffalo Music scene."

Charlie Forness

* * *  

"Sue is definitely one of the most hard working people in Western New York. A great communicator and all around positive force in the areas music scene. The music industry could use a Sue in every city, town, or hamlet."


* * *   

"Susan Marie has done truly marvelous work recording one of our Visiting Artist Programs here at Hilbert College and also co-chairing and recording another poetry event with me at The Screening Room in Buffalo. She is not only a professional and top-notch recording and producing artist, but also a true lover of great art, and someone who understands and appreciates the crucial role that art should play in our personal and community lives. She has always been a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her for any work related to the recording, promotion, and production of a variety of art forms."

Anthony Hughes

* * *   

"As an interviewer you demonstrate considerable empathy and intelligence, as well as candor."

Carl William Thiel

* * *   

"Great Interview! Bravo Susan!"           

Architects For-Gaza      

* * *   

"Susan, you have no idea how much I identify with almost everything you said in this 5 minute piece.  I'm 64 years old now and had almost forgotten the struggles with self that I experienced when I was much younger.

Thank you for sharing -- I admire your forthrightness and personal integrity immensely and share your principles, your enthusiasm and general view of the world we live in and matters of everyday living.  It is obvious that you are a highly evolved individual and really appreciate all sorts of people.

You are a gift to your facebook friends, your real life friends and anyone who has the pleasure of interacting with you."

Grayceanne J. Stitch               

* * *   

"Thank you for your show on thinktwiceradio! It is a beautiful sound. I believe, given a mind, knowledge is essential."

Henry Maxwell III

* * *   

"I love your activism!  The world must and will change and we will do so because it is the most rational and loving thing that needs to happen!

Albert Brown
* * *   

"Susan, I just read your poem Rainbows. I am deeply moved. I live on the Gulf and the gulf to me is sacred as is all of the earth. It is my mothers' grave first I wept for the waters then for her loss and then for the generations of people who have lost so much, a culture changed, everything. I see the waterway as the earths' circulatory system and it's fluid as life blood, A living breathing organism suffering due to lies and greed. 

Thank you for your poem. Thank you so much for conveying so honestly and perfectly many aspects of my life and my feelings that most often I cannot find the words for. Peace Peace Peace to you."

Mary Selene Bracken

* * *   

"Saw how you were helping people in Pakistan, lady you really deserve to be called a human. You have made me proud.  Thanks for being my friend!"

Inam Majid

* * *   

"I salute your enthusiasm and the heart you have for Kashmiri people, knowing all they have gone through and how they are forgotten by the world at large. The people like you who still raise voice for them is something beyond words. All I can say is that those up in the heavens would definitely know you, and they would be offering the highest degree of gratitude for your contribution for the cause they shed their blood and sacrificed their life."

M. Tabish 

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