Sunday, November 1, 2009

Zen, Art, and the Spiritual Path with Joel Lesses & Sue Marie

Joel Lesses: Unraveling Religion: Mysticism, Spirituality, and Awakening

For anyone who has a serious interest in the root of spirituality and religion, our own root, and human beings who have delved into the Great Matter, this is a work in progress for exploring our rich inner life. I am hopeful that it will deepen our understanding of Sutras, religious texts, poems, their relation to both Eastern and Western psychology, and the Self and all questions fundamental to our human existence.

11/1/09 Zen, Art, and the Spiritual Path with Sue Marie Horvatits
In this episode, Sue Marie and Joel Lesses dialogue about her writings, Zen, life, and the spiritual path. Sue Marie reads from her new work of prose, a stream of consciousness, beginning with "Awake" and ending with "Realization." Past lives, the gift of awareness and its relationship to psychology were mentioned. Please listen as these two friends search for meaning and the purpose of existence.

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